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By Daniel Rigos

Melbourne, Australia

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This painting is from my 2017 solo exhibition 'Dance of the savannah':

A year long journey through the Australian Outback is the heart of this exhibition. Daniel’s paintings bring together themes and feelings of the landscape whilst also drifting into the ether and beyond.

Painted outside in the elements, Daniel’s paintings are inspired by the landscape but delve into other mystical worlds, blending with elements of abstraction and the surreal. Some evoke the intensity of the arid dry expanse of Central Australia, while others merge into the depths of the sea, or the majestic splendour of the mountains. Yet nothing is as powerful as the endless wide expanse of the savannah. When one is confronted by its immensity, with its perfectly flat horizon, one feels truly alone. Yet somehow in this infinite space one also feels truly connected.


landscape, wave, mystical, spiritual, surreal, mountain, water, blue, dramatic, australia, outback