Dawn Lim
Dawn Lim

Moonambel victoria, Australia

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Encaustic beeswax mixed cold with oil paint on canvas


Painted inwhat becomes hardened encaustic beeswax which glows as the pigments are encapsulated in the wax, lasting for centuries, I have paintied a spirit like figure, re born , emerging into a more perfect existence . The painting came together, as I worked on impulse and intuition , it could be me emerging from my dark yet spiritual place with all my experiences embued into my soul, it can be anyone who has ever lived. We all experience life in our own unique way. Edges are pained classical black, you can enqire about framing with Bluethumb

#Spiritual, #life, #experience, #Abyss, #arising, #joy, #happiness, #Joyfulend, #DawnLim
(CreativeWork) The Divide by Dawn Lim. other-media. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) noir vert gris  by Dawn Lim. mixed-media. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) Turquoise  by Dawn Lim. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) Fanciful blues  by Dawn Lim. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.

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