My acrylic and mixed media paintings using bold‚ vibrant colours demonstrate my love of nature in a semi abstract style. I paint for the sheer enjoyment of creating and the excitement of playing with beautiful colours. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. It’s a magical feeling to create something beautiful out of nothing.
In my current work I begin a piece by dropping paint onto the canvas‚ spraying with water and tilting it so the colours run. This becomes my background which depending on how the painting evolves may or may not be seen in the finished painting. Sometimes in the early stages of a painting I simply paint using free-flowing brush hand movements. Then I get a feel for where it’s heading and decide on the layout‚ balance and design.
I love the element of surprise and the freedom to relax and enjoy the journey. My work can take on many changes in the phases of its life. I enjoy painting intuitively where I allow my paintings to unfold naturally without any preconceived ideas. I know a piece is going well when I am filled with a rush of adrenalin and a sense of excitement.
It’s not unusual for me to have multiple paintings in progress. As my work is usually built up in many layers I move from one art piece to the other to allow for drying time. This also works well if I get a creative block as I simply leave one and move on to another.
I have done my job as an artist if my paintings bring happiness and warmth to others.”


Group shows
2009 Revival Fellowship annual art exhibition
2010 Revival Fellowship annual art exhibition
2010 ‘Stepping Out’ Visual Sensations
2013 ‘The Roses of Rosebed’ Rosebed St Gallery

30cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Acrylic Paint