Elisabeth Howlett

Adelaide , Australia

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oil on canvas with thick, discernible brushstrokes using a Japanese hog hair brush


This painting is inspired by a photograph taken by Australian photographer Mark Seabury.  The yellow tailed black cockatoo is a large and striking bird, variously protected under Australian law as vulnerable and endangered in a number of Aussie states.  While I was in the middle of painting this work my family and I were awestruck as we were visited by a flock of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos. They arrived more or less in our backyard! They are large birds and make their presence felt with noise, a very particular squawk, and leave a lot of mess on the ground from their pinecone lunch. The Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo is one of 5 Australian Black Cockatoos: along with the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Carnby’s, Baudins, and the Glossy Black Cockatoo. This large painting is professionally framed in a timber tray-style frame. 


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