After graduating university in 1996, life proceeded to get in the way. Nearly 20 years later, with a young growing family and my 40th birthday looming, I realised what I was missing most was my art. I decided to just hit the ground running and started creating various animal portraits (both domestic and wild) and of course portraits of the occasional human.

Specialising in realism, I create mostly black and white pieces. I try to incorporate new, sometimes subtle techniques and play with different mediums, to ensure that my work keeps evolving. I enjoy utilizing depth of field & playing with perspective to try and draw the viewer in.

I have no great artistic, life changing meaning behind my work that will inspire the masses. I just create work that I have an interest in at the time.

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Bachelor of Visual Arts, Illustration major, 1996


2018 'Jacaranda Aquisitive Drawing Award (JADA)' Grafton Regional Gallery. Grafton, NSW

2018 'Clayton Utz Art Award' Clayton Utz Firm. Brisbane, Qld

2018 'Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award' Lethbridge Gallery. Brisbane, Qld

2018 'National Works on Paper' Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. Mornington Peninsula, Vic

2018 'Percival Animal Portrait Prize' (Winner) Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Townsville, Qld

2018 'Percival Portrait Painting Prize' Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Townsville, Qld

2017 '30x30 Art Prize' Art Piece Gallery. Mullimbimby, NSW

2016 'Awake' , Off The Kerb Gallery. Collingwood Melbourne, Vic

2016 'Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize' Perc tucker Regional Gallery. Townsville, Qld




Chuck Close

20.2cm (W) x 20.2cm (H)
55cm (W) x 70cm (H)
Mixed Media