Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s completely free.
It happens to the best of us, Click here or refer to the link under the sign in box on the home page.
Sign in to your account, and click on "My details". Make any changes and click "Update my details".
Though we don't want to see you go, contact us via the contact us page, and include your username and full name, and request that your account be removed from the site.
Bluethumb is owned by Bluethumb Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned art and technology start-up.


Nope, you can buy as a guest.
Bluethumb's aim is to unearth the best of Australia's new, emerging and established artists and bring their artwork direct to your door. Here you’ll find beautiful, unique artwork from every nook and cranny of Australia. It’s also nice to know you are providing income to artists in the community and encouraging the Australian art market. Plus, every art investor knows that the best finds come from the primary market.
The price of the painting includes delivery to your door. There are no additional freight charges.
Yes, shipping insurance is included in the price.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal. If you would like to purchase but your payment method is not accepted please contact us.
Yes. Please refer to our Privacy and Security Policy for details on how we keep your credit card information secure.
Our Membership Agreement with our artists states that artists must only post original artworks, not copies, created by themselves. If you believe you have received a print or copied artwork, please notify us immediately via our contact page.

Refer to our Refunds and Returns Policy for further details.
Most orders will be delivered within ten (10) business days. Please allow longer for rural deliveries. If you are waiting longer than expected, please contact us.
We aim to have the artwork shipped from the artist within five (5) business days, and have it delivered to you within ten to fifteen (10-15) business days depending on the location of the artist and the delivery location. This is of course, the responsibility of the artist, so sometimes it may take a little longer. You will not be charged any extra cost due to delays in shipping.

If you experience lengthy delays in the delivery of your artwork, please contact us.
Firstly, please keep all the packaging that the artwork arrived in plus any documentation. Secondly, please take as many photos of the damage and packaging as you can and finally contact us.

We will then take up with the courier and insurance company and keep you informed of the process. Please also refer to the Refunds and Returns Policy.
If you don’t like the artwork, Bluethumb offers a 7 day satisfaction guarantee. This means you can return the painting for a full refund, we even cover the cost of shipping. For more information please refer to the Refunds and Returns Policy.
If you don’t believe the artwork accurately reflects what was described then we offers a 7 day satisfaction guarantee. This means you can return the painting for a full refund, we even cover the cost of shipping. For more information please refer to the Refunds and Returns Policy.
Download the buyer's guide to caring for artworks. This should give you all the info you need!
If you want to get feedback to the artist, please email your thoughts, the artwork, and artist details to us via the contact page on the site and we’ll pass them on. Our artists are usually very interested to know how their work has been received.
No! We don't like to be bothered by telemarketers - and we're sure you don't like it either.

Refer to our Privacy and Security Policy for more information.
Yes we do. We love seeing Australian art finding its way into homes all over the world.


Bluethumb, through the power of the interwebs, brings Australia’s art lovers and buyers into your studio. It gives you the platform to be seen in the art world and make your mark. You don't have to be Brett Whiteley or Jeffrey Smart to have your work displayed. Nor do you have to build your own website . As Bluethumb is a single gallery location for many artworks, people searching the web to buy art are much more likely to find the Bluethumb website, compared with an artist's personal site. That said, we don't demand that artists sign a contract or exclusivity deal - we think you should be able to market and sell your work through as many avenues as you like!
Yes, you can sign up now and post your artworks when you're ready to go.
Just click Join, enter your details, and your account will be ready to go.

Make sure you read the Membership Agreement and Sale Agreement so that you understand what the terms and conditions are for selling on this site.
We accept most kinds of artworks, as long as they are 100% original, created by you, and are not reprints, reproductions, or copies, and do not infringe on the copyright of any other person.

Your artwork needs to be the only one of it's kind (ie. unique), or one of a series of limited edition artworks (eg. printmaking) and its edition is clearly included in the title (eg. "My Artwork ed. 2 of 10").

Works like drawings, paintings, watercolours, and mixed media are all okay with us. Digitally/electronically created, altered or enhanced artworks are not accepted. For this reason, photography is not accepted (sorry to all the photographers out there!), nor are digital prints, as it is difficult to determine whether alteration has occurred and we can't determine if it's the only one out there.

It is also preferable that your work is sold unframed (no bulky external frame), for easy and safe shipment.
It means no bulky external frames on artwork, as it is difficult to courier. Canvas art on a stretched frame is fine.
Refer to the Membership Agreement for information on acceptable and unacceptable content.
No, you are free to sell your artworks elsewhere. Should your artwork sell elsewhere, you need to remove it from Bluethumb's site within 24 hours.

If your artwork is sold elsewhere, and on the Bluethumb site at the same time, you need to provide evidence that you sold it elsewhere first, otherwise you have to sell it through Bluethumb.

Please read the Membership Agreement for full details on what the rules are on this topic.
Yes, you cannot sell work on anyone else's behalf. Nor can you resell works you have previously bought. Refer to the Membership Agreement for more information.
Yes. It has to be your work and the only one like it, or a run of limited edition, signed print. Refer to the Membership Agreement for more information.
Yes, all art should be signed.
Checkout the artist's guide to using Bluethumb. This contains some instructions on how to best photograph your artwork.
Rotate the image in your picture editing software. The image needs to be a minimum of 700 pixels on its shortest side. Check out the artist's guide to using Bluethumb for more information on photographing your artwork.
First of all, make sure that you get the details of the artwork correct when you go to post it online. The photo (image) you provide, the dimensions, weight, medium and condition must all be correct. If these things aren't right, a buyer of your work will may be entitled to a refund. It must should also be sold unframed.

Next, checkout the artist's guide to using Bluethumb. Otherwise, feel free to contact us.
We are working on a solution to this problem! For now you will only be able to upload art using laptop or desktop computer, but we hope to have mobile upload working soon.
You’re able to choose and edit a profile name in Account > Artist Dashboard > Edit Profile. Your unique URL will be:

Use this URL to post as a link in any other sites you might have, like Facebook, tumblr or blogs.
The artist sets the price, and we never interfere with this. Download the artist's guide to using Bluethumb for more information on pricing your artwork.

Prices of artworks shown on the Bluethumb website are fixed and non-negotiable. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal only.
Bluethumb charges 30% commission on sale.
Freight costs are added on top of the price of the artwork. So if you upload artwork priced at $450, and freight is $50, then the price displayed will be $500. You can see this clearly when you upload work. This amount is kept by Bluethumb when a work sells to cover the associated costs of secure payment, insurance, handling and shipping. Bluethumb is able to keep these costs to a minimum due to the high volume of artwork shipped and strong relations we have developed with freight and logistics providers. Freight is calculated with the below matrix:

RulesMetroOutside Metro
If length plus width plus depth > 250cm$100$150
If length plus width plus depth < 250cm but > 140cm$50$100
If the length or width of the parcel on one side exceeds > 105cm$50$100
All else$30$50
If cost of item is > $5,000 then add additional$450$500
If cost of item is > $4,000 then add additional$300$300
If cost of item is > $3,000 then add additional$250$250
If cost of item is > $2,000 then add additional$100$200
If cost of item is > $1,000 then add additional$50$50
If cost of item is > $500 and then add additional$25$25
If cost of item is > $250 and if freight charge is $30 then add additional$10$10
Refer to the Membership Agreement for copyright information, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Bluethumb gives the option of applying a watermark to each artwork on the site that is above thumbnail size so that screen dumps do not show a flawless copy of the image. Also, any images of your artwork will not have a “Save Picture As” link when right-clicked.
You will be notified via email that your artwork has sold. You will need to notify us by return email of the most suitable date for a courier to pick up the artwork. You need to do this within five (5) business days. We will then book the courier for you.
Please package your artwork as well as you can. We recommend bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box/container. Fill any void or gaps inside the packaging. There should be no movement inside the packaging at all. Finally, get out your permanent marker, and write "FRAGILE - Handle Like Eggs" in big bold writing on the outside.

You need to do everything you can to ensure the artwork isn't damaged during transit.
The purchaser of your artwork has paid for the artwork and freight already. Our aim is to deliver the art to the customer within seven days. To make this happen we need your help.
We have checked many couriers and have found one with a great price to make freight as affordable as possible. Our courier also ensures we can track items properly from despatch to delivery. However, we understand that sometimes a courier pickup is not practical and alternative solution is required. If so, please email us as soon as possible.
Bluethumb will pay you the price of the artwork, less commission and freight charges. Artist payruns are done weekly on a Wednesday. You’ll get paid in the next Wednesday payrun, once they buyer has had your painting for 8 days and the return period has passed. This gives the Purchaser 7 days to ensure they are happy with their purchase

Assuming all is well, we'll do our best to pay you as early as we can. Essentially, the earlier you book the pickup of your artwork, the earlier you get paid.
Please make sure you keep your bank/payment details up to date in your account so that we can pay you correctly.

Getting your money to you is very important to us, so that you can see the results of your labour!
Please refer to the Refunds and Returns Policy for all the details on how and when a claim for refund is accepted. If we accept the claim the artwork will be returned to you. No payment will be made to you for artwork nor any commission charged.
When we pay you for the full sale amount of your artwork (less any included freight), we take away the commission.
No. We'll invoice the Purchaser on your behalf. You must not issue them a separate invoice. We'll send a copy of the invoice to you.
You will need to report any assessable income and GST income to the Australian Taxation Office. This is your own responsibility. Refer to the Membership Agreement for more detailed information.
If you find that your artwork isn't selling as well as you'd hoped, the very first thing you should do is make sure that you've photographed it properly. Remember that this is all the purchaser sees of your artwork, and it's the only thing they can base their purchase on.

Check that the description of your artwork is well written and contains no spelling mistakes. Also, make sure the keywords you have entered for the artwork describe it well so that it can be easily found in a search. Check out the artist's guide to using Bluethumb for more information on how to best visually represent your artwork.

Check the price of your artwork against similar items on the market. You may have valued it too highly.

Finally, a bit of promotion and marketing of your work can go a long way - artists who get a lot of traffic on Bluethumb often tell their friends and fans about their Bluethumb profiles, have a social media presence linking to their Bluethumb profile, and put time into telling their story through their profile and artwork descriptions.
Yes, our best sellers will have a “best seller” logo placed next to their name on all artworks when viewed above thumbnail size. Recently sold art will also be categorized for viewers to see in Just Sold. Not only that but often best sellers' artworks will be displayed on the home page, in Staff Picks or as Featured artists.
Can we come? If you are going on holiday for an extended period it firstly please note this on your Bluethumb artist profile, so buyers are aware.
Then it is preferable that you contact us via the contact page on the Bluethumb website and let us know so that we can advise any purchasers. We recommend you have someone trustworthy like a family member handle any sales on your behalf while you are away.
Our website is currently not designed to accept international orders. However international purchasers that live outside of Australia and would like to purchase can contact us.
No, any advertising must be authorised in writing by Bluethumb.
Refer to the Bluethumb Membership Agreement and Sale Agreement for detailed information on your rights and responsibilities as either an artist or a purchaser.
Bluethumb is dedicated to making a difference for emerging artists. We have a marketing plan, and schedule marketing activities via various forms of media to reach consumers of all types plus a thriving email list, exciting blog, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook following. This includes a successful public relations strategy.

We record this information on our News & Media page, so you are kept up to date. We also do our best to maintain a high ranking among search engines, and we review this regularly.
Resale right legislation for Australia's visual artists is expected to be in place by 1 July, 2009.

The royalty will be applied only to re-sales of original works of visual art sold through the secondary art market where the seller has acquired the work after the legislation takes effect. It will not be restricted just to works created after the scheme starts. The royalty will be applied only to resales of original works of visual art sold through the secondary art market where the seller has acquired the work after the legislation takes effect.

Royalties are to be paid to artists who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, or their heirs. It will cover works being resold during an artist's lifetime and for 70 years after the artist's death. Royalty is to be calculated on a flat rate of 5%, uncapped. The minimum resale price before a royalty is imposed will be $1000.

The scheme will be managed by a single collecting organisation, appointed by the Australian Government following an open tender selection process.

Bluethumb will provide the collecting organisation nominated by the Australian Government any necessary information required under the Resale Royalty Rights Scheme for all applicable sales of artwork made via the Bluethumb website. For further information see
We are launching a Gallery membership in the near future, if you are a gallery and would like to list with us, please contact us.
Including your art in promotions means occasionally a discount could be applied by Bluethumb to your listed artwork of 10 to 20%.

The discount is designed to run special campaigns that will generate even more engagement with our buyers and increase your exposure.

The discount also allows greater integration with industry buyers such as interior designers, encouraging them to work with Bluethumb and artists.

If a promotional discount code is redeemed, the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork and the usual 70/30 split will then be calculated. This means that you as the artist and Bluethumb will share the discount.