A specialist in digital art print and water colour on cotton with a passion to tell stories through drawing, painting and printing. I try to convey the complex contemporary social change into pictures.

Three decades ago, a dear friend, with a gentle sole, gave me a large box to place my artwork and view the a year later. Friends and family then encouraged me to hold an exhibition. I still have that box in my art studio. I have never looked back and exhibited artworks ever since in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Canberra. My work is held in private collections around the world. The legacy of being encouraged to pursue an artistic life is, I love supporting emerging artists to set sail.

My art practice considers the environment in both printing and painting. I aim for pigments that are both archival and non-toxic, safe solvents such as lavender oil, hand made glues and paint, renewable and degradable surfaces are from renewable materials (linen cotton)

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Advanced Diploma Electronic Design and interactive Media 2000
Peer Educated


2017: Smith, F: Equal But Not FernArtz Studio Merlynston Melbourne Victoria
2015: Smith, F: moving landscape (2008) Coburg Town Hall, Melbourne Victoria.
2012: Smith, F: Banners project (2008) Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melbourne Victoria.
2009: Smith, F: moving landscape (2008), Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melbourne Victoria.
Smith, F: moving landscape (2008), Shell Building foyer CBD, Melbourne Victoria.
2008: Smith, F: moving landscape (2008), Parliament House, Melbourne Victoria.
2006: Smith, F: nous, Brunswick Street Gallery Fitzroy, Melbourne Victoria.
2004: Smith, F: dis-EaseHCV, Horti Hall, Melbourne Victoria.
2002: Smith, F: waiting, Axiom Gallery, North Melbourne Victoria.
1997: Smith, F: Untitled, Hill Station Hume, Canberra ACT.
1993: Smith, F: Mixed artworks, Tosolinis Cafe CBD, Canberra ACT.
Smith, F: Mermaids Tale, Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie ACT.
1992: Smith, F: Public Property, Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie ACT.
1991: Smith, F: Untitled, Craft Council ACT now the Craft and Design Centre, Canberra ACT.
1990: Smith, F: Welcome, Tillys Divine Lynham, Canberra ACT.
1987: Smith, F: Taming of the dunes, Overflow Café, Fremantle Western Australia.
Smith, F: (self-titled) Tresillian Gallery, Nedlands Western Australia.
1986: Smith, F: (self-titled) Dalkeith House, Fremantle Western Australia.

2018: Noir 1st Birthday, Darkroom Noir, Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria
2017: PEOPLE – POLITICS – PROTEST, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Victoria
2017: Window Shopping, Fringe Festival Melbourne Victoria
Lidit, FernArtz Studio, Merlynston, Coburg Nort, Victoria
Ducks For Detainees, Coburg Library, Coburg Victoria
Autumn, Darkroom Noir, Coburg Victoria
2016: Tides Turn, Breathing Colours, Balmain Sydney NSW
Tides Turn, Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW
Ducks for Detainees, Newlands Community Centre, Coburg North, Victoria
Ducks for Detainees, Maggie and Pierro Art Studios, Coburg North, Victoria
2015: Science Friction, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Victoria
2014: Current Tendencies, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Victoria
2013: 40x40, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria.
2010: Women’s Salon, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Victoria
2009: Women’s Salon, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Victoria
Art of Suff-Rage and moving landscape, Portland Art Centre Gallery, Victoria
2008: Women’s Salon, in 3 three locations Counihan Gallery, Gasworks Art park and Incinerator Gallery
Art of Suff- Rage in 30 locations around Victoria.
2006: Post Mod, Toyota Australia corporate headquarters.
She Who Belongs, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong Victoria
2002: Freefall, Axiom Gallery Inc., North Melbourne Victoria
2000: Digi-Tales’, Arty Ms. Balmain Watch House, Sydney New South Wales
1999: Lemons online, Arty Ms. Balmain Watch House, Sydney New South Wales
1998: Deca-Dance, Arty Ms. Balmain Watch House, Sydney New South Wales
1995: Interlace Interface, ANCA Gallery Dickson, Canberra ACT. Pots and Pans, Provisions Gallery, Williamstown Victoria.
1994: Which Witch, Provisions Gallery, Williamstown Victoria
1993: Mermaids, Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie ACT
1989: Reclaim the night, Casuarina Shopping Centre, Darwin Northern Territory
Untitled, Browns Mart Community Arts Centre, Darwin Northern Territory
1988: Untitled, Broome Library, Broome Western Australia
1986: Five Artists, The Film & Television Institute (FTI) Gallery, Fremantle, Perth Western Australia
Wood Street Gallery Fremantle, Perth Western Australia
1985: A dream within a dream, Theatre Gallery CBD, Canberra ACT

Ongoing – circa 1999 Website www.fernartz.com
2012: Smith, F (2012): sing anyway illustration, CD Cover Brunswick Women’s Choir, released 2012
2010: Smith, F Suffrage is unstoppable, front cover illustration, published by Portia Women Lawyers annual report 2010
2009: Smith, F (2009) Changing landscape front cover illustration from Moving Landscape series (2008), published, Portia” Women lawyers’ annual report. (2009) Moving Landscape series, Culture Victoria Website http://www.cv.vic.gov.au/stories/a-diverse-state/womens-suffrage/moving-landscape/
2008: Smith, F (2008): Feminist, front cover illustration, published by Portia Women Lawyers annual report 2010. Smith, F; and Dutkiewicz, U: (2008) The Age of Suffrage broadsheets.
2007: Smith, F (2007) Boy in Boat, cover illustration, Moylan, D (2007) Beautiful Place, released 2007.
Smith, F (2005) halfway to nowhere, illustration, dis-EASE HCV series, published Australian Hepatitis Chronicle, Issue 14, March 2005.
2004: Smith, F (2004) disEase HCV, PDF booklet produced for the Hepatitis C Council Victoria.
2002: Smith, F (2002) Design Image in Photoshop, pp 317 -330, Digital Image in Dreamweaver pp 331-338; Digital images pp.339-341, Gallery (2002) Graphic Design 2002: INFORBOOKS, S.L
Barcelona, edited by, Rosairo Pena Perez CD ROM (2002)
Smith, F (2002) Fact and fiction, correspondence, pp.13, published Art Monthly, April 2002, Number 148
1993: Smith, F (1993) Swap, educational cards for Drug Referral Inc. (DRIC)
Smith, F (1993) Drag net-7, front cover illustration, published Bogong (1993) Volume 14,
Number 1, Autumn 1993
Smith, F (1992) Untitled illustration, 1992, published Bogong (1993) Volume 14, Number 3 Spring 1993. Smith, F (1992) Untitled illustration, published Bogong (1992) Volume 13, Number 2, winter, (1992), pp 11 & 12 –illustrations.
Smith, F (1992) Untitled illustration, published Bogong (1992) Volume 13, Number 4, summer, pp 4 & 6
1991: Smith, F (1991) Hidden side of adoption, front cover illustration, published Muse Art Magazine, June 1991, vol 98
1990: Smith, F (1990) untitled front cover illustration published Bogong, volume 11, number 2, winter 1990. 1989: Writing Pad set for Natural Paper TM


I am greatly influenced by social change. The nexus between east and west in Australia. Australia is a cultural melting pot, totally fascinating. Our art reflects that.

41cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
24cm (W) x 18.5cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
45cm (W) x 35cm (H)
30cm (W) x 45cm (H)
40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
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