I picked up a paint brush just over 10 years ago when I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and just "give it a go". I knew I needed to paint...so I did and haven't stopped...I have allowed myself the luxury of just continuing to learn, explore and produce what comes out naturally. My day job that is highly analytical and often demanding, so art is where I have found I am most at peace. I have recently been experimenting with Mixed Media and although I love the process, I am still developing my style with this medium...I seem to always return to painting or have at least one piece on the go!!

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I have a B.Sc majoring in Psychology and have always had an interest in mental health and found myself drawn to Art Therapy as a profound way for expression to help maintain a healthy mind.


Being self-taught I am influenced by everything - I am always imagining my next project or finding inspiration from something that catches my eye or elicits an emotional response-I hope that if it moves me, it might just have the same affect on others.

61cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Oil Paint
30.5cm (W) x 30.5cm (H)
Oil Paint
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