Hi there! Thanks for checking me out! You are looking might spunky there today! Before I bore you with my story (bet you cant get past the first 10 lines without yawning), could you kindly click the "Follow" button....Love to share any new stuff with you that I upload here! I have been a Full time artist for 10 years, am a workaholic and something of an art addict! Put those things together, and it equals prolific output. Its all fun though! My bread and butter is producing large format abstract, urban, pop and Abstract Realism style artworks for fashionable homes and commercial projects. If I'm going to make a mess, it might as well be a big one! My studio is located out in the sticks on acreage in an area known as "The Scenic Rim", in Queensland, Australia. It is paradise. I am very happily married, and have 2 beautiful kids. In one way or another, I have spent the last 20 years with art as part of my life. Firstly in the graphics industry, and then as an artist working with a real brush, rather than a mouse. I consider myself fortunate to be able to make a living as a full time artist, and thank those clients that have supported my “habit” along the journey. There are no expectations that anyone will like or even buy my art. But I hope you will feel something, even if its "dislike". When I step away from the abstract side, and onto the often considered "Evil" or commercial side of art within pop culture, I like to think that my layering brings a new edge to things. Simply put, I paint what I like to have hanging in my home. If others share that same "like"....Cool! Welcome aboard! I always look for BALANCE in the design of my art, with analytical structure (really I mean chaos!!) and I normally paint with lots of texture. I also LOVE color. Depending on my moods and inspirations, the outcome could be of a realistic nature, or totally abstract. Some of it will be naughty, and some simply designed to try and bring about a smile. I've learnt not to take life too seriously as no one gets out alive. Just mash it up with texture, and see what come out of the other side. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You see most of the stuff when I think something has worked, when it doesn't, it gets recycled into something new! So that's all about me......your turn!!


Other artists, landscapes, aerial photography, rust and decay. Life, popular culture and social commentary. Like mashed and remixed tunes and movies with borrowed concepts and effects, most artists (even most of the masters) have influences and borrow aspects from other artists and creatives. I am no different. It might be as simple as a color scheme, subject matter or the way a medium is used or a re-purposed image. The concept of "recycling" goes further than just trash. I love pop artists like Andy Warhol and David Bromley. You will see their influences in much of my Urban Pop art and Book club pieces. Old school street art such as Blek, Mis Tic and Banksy draw respect as pioneers. Then there is the new generation of street art talent such as David Walker, Smug, El Mac, C215 and James Bullough. These people are geniuses in a spray can. The level of hyper realism and tonal work with a can is astounding. Book based work of artists like Raine Bedsloe (“that” painting in Twilight) Ekaterina Paikanova and Jon English. I have been using books, comics and advertising as an interesting base for works for some 9 years now. I love the brush/colour talent of Canadian artist Marion Rose (RIP). The structure and beautiful colours of James Willebrant, and the amazing layering talents of Michael Shapcott and abstracts of Michael Whitehead and Dale Frank. Poster style work of Wang Guangyi, Frank Shepherd Fairey and early Abstract realists like Leroy Neiman who was perhaps the forefather of modern artists like Voka and Neilly......are never missing from my list..... Is that too many to be in awe of?