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A new Pallet piece from my upcycled series. Of course Ms Bardot.

Essentially I remake these palates into a complete surface for painting. I rework them, resurface them, destructure and always set them on fire, as you just cant get the black charcoal look any other way. I even finish them with a gloss coating!!

This particular Pallet is a bit special in that it was actually used to deliver cement to my house.

These pieces always feature laser engraving to just add to that little more depth and Substance.

They can be hung in a traditional manner, or screwed directly to a wall. I have seen them just left against a wall, or displayed atop a side table. These pieces generally weigh around 15kg and are made from a combination of weathered hardwoods and pines.

I package my art securely in twin walled cartons, with inserted protective layering and of course the painting is wrapped in Bubble wrap.

All art from Franklin Art Studio comes with a certificate of authenticity and free hugs and kisses!

Happy Trails!


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