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Arrives ready to hang with a gloss finish. Acrylics, inks and gloss on a book club base with gloss finish on a 40mm frame.


Golden Honey " is a new piece in the "Memoires “Book Club” series inspired by the fragility and beauty of these beautiful women. This Piece is a lovely space sized piece at 75cm x 100cm. She is textured in a way to allow that texture to be used in hand stippling......with metallic gold overlays.

My Book Club pieces have featured nudes, faces, celebrities, pop art icons, indigenous persons, Horses, Dogs, naughty bodies doing wonderful things, commissioned love ones, Mexican Brides. For me this is an ongoing series, years in the making and more to come. I am NOT loved by book collectors for the way I repurpose them Smile

With my Book club pieces, I always carefully select the book. Normally they are vintage, and will either compliment or totally contrast the subject matter. In this instance, it is “Memoires of a Geisha”. I have several hundred books and comics in stock that are as old as 130 years that I use for the bases for these pieces. I actually enjoy scurrying thru old book shops and Vinnie's Book fairs for fodder. I initially started painting on Book bases and Comics after seeing a gorgeous huge, tree piece on book pages by US artist Raine Bedsloe in the original Twilight movie in 2008 (Yes I did watch that LOL). It makes for a wonderfully interesting base, adding to the narrative and interest of the subject matter.

I will generally grab my photos from paid content sites. These days I am starting to use actual muses for anything that features a human. This particular piece was drawn from a content site.

This painting, like all of my pieces, arrives stretched, ready to hang on a quality 40mm frame, with a triple gloss coat and gallery finished edges....the pages and any detail flow over the edges. I take my depth of canvas to a different level believing a canvas has 5 sides, and should be created as such. :)

I package my art securely in twin walled cartons, with inserted protective layering and of course the painting is wrapped in Bubble wrap.

All art from Franklin Art Studio comes with a certificate of authenticity and free hugs and kisses! Smile

Happy Trails!


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