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So here is a new "Always kiss" me piece. I love these pieces! They suit above a Queen or King bed comfortable. I originally did this collection because my wife said I needed to be more romantic.....so now I am!

Obviously this spunky piece is intended for the bedroom. We have a similar one hanging above our bed, but I don't see it too often as I am normally painting and if Im not in bed by 3.30am, Im in the spare room. Because “she cant get back to sleep”.

Like all of my pieces, its about the texture and the layering.

This piece has been created by hand and can (just the roses!), using acrylics and sugar sprays and......yumminessssss. I LOVE my urban pop....and this is kinda a grungy version. Sits also in my grunge range.....chic and RAW!

This painting, like all of my pieces, arrives stretched, ready to hang on a quality 40mm frame, with a triple gloss coat and gallery finished edges (there is stuff along the edges also). I take my depth of canvas to a different level believing a canvas has 5 sides, and should be painted as such. :)

I package my art securely in twin walled cartons, with inserted protective layering and of course the painting is wrapped in Bubble wrap.

All art from Franklin Art Studio comes with a certificate of authenticity and free hugs and kisses! :)

Happy Trails!


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