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Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

Bluethumb Top Selling Artist.

Hello there spunky art lover, thanks for looking in on 'Unfucking The Truth' which is the latest in this ongoing Unfuck series. This funky piece features magenta, teal, lime green, red, cream, orange, white and black acrylics, inks and sugar sprays as well as texture and layering.

Painted on pages of the book 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' by George Orwell which are stuck to the canvas and sealed with a binding varnish to ensure they will stay where they are meant to... On the canvas.

These special paintings ("Bookclub" as we have called them) can have a classy, voice motivated or subject relative vibe to them. They are painted on old vintage or destructed literary sources, specially selected from a large growing collection. Classic feels, yet totally modern. Pop based, often with a touch of realism rather than pure Popart styling. Like all of my paintings, these also have layers and a textured base to provide depth, so there is no mistaking this is an original painting and not a flat print. This painting will NEVER EVER be sold as a print. This painting has LIFE. Mediums of choice are acrylics, inks and oil based distillers. Tools of choice are fingers and brushes. Pages are layered and stuck to the canvas and sealed with a binding varnish to ensure they will stay where they are meant to...On the canvas.

The bases are newly famous novels such as Fifty Shades, 1984 or Memoires of a Geisha (which will be destructured and aged) thru to literature that can be over 100 years old and will feature cover pages and written pages that show their own history. We have seen some gorgeous things over the years inside vintage books as many are from the olden days when a book was a cherished birthday or Christmas present. I will sometimes choose a book that has a similar theme to the subject matter but sometimes will choose something contrasting. Pages also go over the edges to create a gallery finish that doesn’t require framing or more cost to you.

These days, many modern artists claim painting on books, or painting book covers to be their own invented’s not. Books have been used as subject matter by some artists for over 50 or 60 years, including replications of Penguin Book covers and spines. I initially started painting on Book bases and Comics after being inspired by a huge, tree piece on book pages by US artist Raine Bedsole in the original Twilight movie in 2008 (Yes I am a fan LOL). As with much art and things in popular culture, it’s remixed and reformed into something new, based on ones own style. Literature in any form, makes for a wonderfully interesting base, adding to the narrative and interest of the subject matter.....and in some weird way pays homage to the much loved pastime of reading.

They are created on a 40mm frame wrapped in the highest quality canvas, with a triple varnish coat and gallery finished edges painted and finished as such. A “canvas” really has 5 faces. If this piece caught your eye but it’s not quite the right size or colours, or you would like something more personal, do reach out and let’s discuss possibilities.

Mumma Bear and spunky wife Wendy is CFO and big cheese. To add to the family vibe, since the world was rocked by covid, both of my offspring (Franksy and Franketta as I call them) have become fulltime understudies, having “helped out Dad” during their school years. Under my watchful eye, they are both now collaborating with me at the highest level.

Other stuff at a glance:
# One of Australia's Top Selling Artists.
# Fulltime practicing artist since 2009.
# Over 6000 pieces sold.
# Pieces held in collections in over 35 countries.
# About a 50/50 mix of commissions and Stock.
# Published in all forms of Media.
# Gallery Exhibited and partnered.
# Collaborates with many talented designers.
# Works used on TV shows such as The Block and Selling Houses Australia.
# I don’t use artshop frames. Canvases personally manufactured to my Spec.
# Professional shipping and packaging made to my Spec.

Most paintings arrive ready to install with hardware installed on the rear. It is recommend that the really really big ones, some of the heavier pieces and some of the specialist pieces, such as pallets, be installed by a professional hanger. This is cheaper than you may think and would be in the $150 to $250 range. We have partners in most areas that can be recommended if you need help. If you would like more information, just ask away.

Serving Suggestions:
Provided with listings are some insitu images. We strive to ensure they are accurate in scale. Sometimes we will add an external frame to the painting insitu, to provide a vibe for how that would look also. As mentioned above, my pieces arrive ready to install with gallery finished edges and honestly, most people don’t add external framing. However, it is of course an option. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are here to help and want to make it as easy as possible for you if your décor aspirations require it.

Freight and delivery:
Global shipping is included in the listed prices however, if you happened to be in an extremely remote area or country, we may put our hand up and ask for a little bit of monetary assistance. We package the paintings securely in twin walled, reinforced, CUSTOM MADE “Franko” cartons, with additional protective inserts & of course the painting is wrapped in bubble wrap and often felt for rub protection. We are the consummate professionals in all that we do. Our trusted freight partners are TNT, TOLL and DHL. Often with larger pieces and local deliveries, we arrange direct delivery with our own driver.

Insurance and returns:
All paintings are sent fully insured and you have to love your art! If you don’t, do please reach out as I offer free returns.

Finally, all works come with a Certificate of Authenticity and free hugs and kisses!

Happy Trails!
Team Franko

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Acrylics, sugar sprays, inks & book pages with a triple varnish coat. This painting is on a 40mm quality frame.

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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