George Pascalis––Artist CV
Gold Coast Queensland

Artist Career:
For most of my professional working life, I lived and worked in Sydney, as an Artist, Senior Art Director, and Artist-Illustrator, working for numerous Ad Agencies, and Art & Graphic Design Studios; whilst always exploring and developing my Fine-Art skills and passion for Art, (life drawing, life portrait painting, landscape, still life, and contemporary modern abstract art).

During my time in Sydney, I was self-employed as a Freelance-Artist for the Art and Advertising Industry, at different levels of capacity, obtaining very high standards in conceptual Advertising Art, Graphic Design, and Illustrative-Artworks; winning a few Artwork and Art-Direction awards along the way.

*Winner of the Australian Writers and Art Directors 1986 Advertising Award for Design and Art-Illustration.
*Illustrating Australian native birds for a series of BHP Stainless Steel calendars.
*Designing/Illustrating booklets and brochures.
*Impressionist painters for press campaign by management consultants Deloitte Touche Thomatsu.
*Australian native animals for press campaign for Yeramba Estates.

My passion for Art, has taken me to all the Art movements, to experiment, different methods of painting.

To best describe myself and my work is to say, I’ve always searched for new ground to explore, with different ways to create; trying new methods, in the search of excellence, within recognised Art movements.

My artwork creating these days; is done in a capacity of an individual, which is more focused on a personal and private recreational pursuit, e.i. a hobbyist, who is wholly creating for private enjoyment.

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1963 to 1968:
I attended the East Sydney Arts College Darlinghurst as a part-time art student, studying Life Drawing and Life Painting.
During that same period, I also studied watercolour painting with renowned Australian watercolourist Ronald Stuart.

1969 to 1972:
I became a keen student of modernism and studied modern abstract painting at the John Ogburn School for Modern Art.


Exhibited in the BOFAP des Refuses––Bay of Fires Art Prize, Gallery Parnella, Tasmania.

*Group Exhibited in the Tweed Murwillumbah Art Gallery (Finalist Border Art Prize)

*Group Exhibited in the Gold Coast Art Centre Gallery (Finalist Border Art Prize)

*Group Exhibited in the Tweed Murwillumbah Art Gallery (Finalist Border Art Prize)

Today, I continue to find new energy and desire to continue to paint and create at the highest level I possibly can.

104cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Mixed Media
102cm (W) x 70cm (H)
Oil Paint
70cm (W) x 70cm (H)
Mixed Media
60cm (W) x 72cm (H)
Mixed Media