Italian self-taught artist. Street art and classic art are my two passions. My aim is to blend together the Western and Eastern Arts, and the classic with the street art. Creativity without technique is useless, and technique without creativity is a waste.

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    Exhibition for Double Belonging- Italian cultural Festival 2015 Sydney

    BBR 2015 French Festival live painting, Sydney

    Ignite Youth Conference, Brisbane Live painting for Ignite Youth in September

    2015, in front of 1500 people, during 2 days.

    Sancta Maria College Auckland, new Zealand.

    Live painting and workshop with 60 students 9th-12th grade, March 2016

    Finalist at 2016 Toride International mural design competition, Japan.

    Winner of Heaven Irrigation Memorial mural competition, August 2016

    Finalist of Detroit Grand River workplace mural competition

    Winner of Bob Land Bandstand mural competition, Wood Buffalo, Alberta,



    Mural painter 2009-present.
    Painting on commission for private and businesses in Turin, Tokyo and Sydney.
    Street painting/busking 2008-present. Street painting and busking in Turin,
    Milan, Lisbon, Sydney, Tokyo, Melbourne, Auckland.

    60cm (W) x 90cm (H)
    Acrylic Paint
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