Gracie is the daughter of Myrtle Petyarre, one of Gloria Petyarre’s sisters. She comes from Mosquito Bore in the Utopia region. Although Mosquito Bore is a small community, it is home to many famous artists including Gloria Petyarre, Ronnie Price Mpetyarre, Louis Pwerle and Rita Ngale. Gracie combines complex fine dot patterns to depict the contours and colours of the land and the walking tracks used by women to collect the bush plum. In accordance with traditional law, the responsibility for the Bush Plum Dreaming has been passed down to Gracie by her father and her aunt. The Bush Plum that Gracie paints is a popular variety of bush tucker that is only found at certain times of the year. It is found throughout the Utopia region, where it has unfortunately begun to decline in abundance due to the grazing of cattle and rabbits. The bush plum fruits in the summertime after the rains and is an important food source, even though not all the plum is edible. When young, the fruit is green in appearance, but as it matures it becomes a purple-black colour. Its appearance is similar to that of an olive. The plant can grow up to three metres high and has blue-green leaves. It produces a creamy white flower In the Dreamtime, winds blew from all directions carrying the bush plum seed to the artist’s ancestral lands. This is Gracie’s Dreaming, and she continues to paint it now.

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