My work focuses on the different perspectives of the Australian landscape, I find the remoteness and harshness of this landscape truly inspiring. I concentrate on the small things that I see within this extraordinary landscape. I try to encompass these within my works to bring these to life on canvas, concentrating on balance and composition. I have left behind the trappings of my art education. My children are my critics as I find they are not trapped by the misgivings of an educated mind, they are truly honest about what they see.
I spent a very long time with our nations military and have had the pleasure of going to some very remote areas of Australia.
If I was to summarise my art belief into anything I would quote a line from a Bruce Lee movie :" It's like a finger pointing to the moon , if you concentrate on the finger you will miss out on all the heavenly glory"


The Entrance Gallery 2013


Vassily Kandinsky, John Olsen, Fred Williams. The land, sea and sky.