Hannah Bailey is an energetic left hander with a need for colour and impact. She draws inspiration from life and the world around her, both the natural and the artificial, so with a strong passion for the past, present and the future, Hannah's work often intertwines the best of these, namely mid-century design, fashion throughout all eras, home decor and crafty ingenuity, pop-culture and the desire to view it differently, as well as the beach, rustic charm and all things Australiana.

Constantly challenged by the ever changing world of technology and human creation, her art is not resigned to one style or medium, as her desire to try new things is relentless!

Cartooning from a young age, bold images and pop-art themes are a strong vein in Hannah's work, in keeping with her lifestyle as a fun loving mother of two young children, her greatest work to date!

Local to Port Elliot, South Australia, Hannah calls the ocean home and often finds herself rewinding to the calmness of the salty blue. In many ways the reset button, her work is often influenced by the humble power of the beach and all it's beauty.


Home grown and Hands on


" Cool for Keeps" - Nadia's House of Serendipity - 2012
"Obsolete Salvation" - Whistle Stop Cafe - 2013
"Ink & Splinters" - Rosemount Estate Cellar Door - 2014
"Ink & Splinters 2.0" - Rosemount Estate Cellar Door - 2015

90cm (W) x 60cm (H)
65cm (W) x 90cm (H)
Mixed Media