I always knew that I was creative, although at school I was steered towards more academic subjects. I longed to be in the art loft instead of the chemistry lab. In my free time I drew and painted, not very well, but this was something I needed to do.

It was only when I married and later found myself at home with a young baby, that I allowed myself to actively pursue my creative instincts. The first serious study was painting on porcelain, which was very popular back in the 1980's. I later setup a home studio where I taught this art for many years while I raised 3 young sons - I'm pretty sure it kept me sane. At times I also taught workshops in drawing for people who think they can't draw, and a range of other art and craft topics.

Painting in watercolour soon followed, and became my absolute passion for a long time. I tried lots of art mediums and craftwork over the years, every style satisfied a need in me to express myself by making something beautiful. I still draw daily, paint in watercolour, and in acrylics, and I am currently exploring alcohol inks, and the creative freedom of working in abstract forms. Nature continues to inspire me - my daily strolls in bushland or on the beach, or beside a river or lake, always leave me with patterns and forms running though my head - some of them pop up in a painting later.

​It's especially satisfying working with a client to create a custom piece which is perfect for them.

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