Thank you for stopping by my Original Artwork .
I am HSIN LIN , an Artist based in Melbourne Australia ,obsessed with the beauty of flowers .
I believe there's no coincidence in this big wide world , every happy accident is meant to be .
Welcome to have a look of my page if you love what I do ,give my profile a follow for my latest art, or even find your favorite artwork of mine to accompany your beautiful life journey .
Hope you enjoy the colourful world in my floral painting as much as I do too.
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Demonstrator / Featured artist of Sherbrooke Art Gallery, March 2018.
Featured in Australia Artist's Palette magazine No.154 on August 2017. Artwork was chosen and published to 10,000 postcards distributed nationally by AvantCard Australia in 2017 March.

[Awards ]

-Highly Commended Oil and Acrylic for the painting Splendid-Tuberose Begonia on Box Hill Art Group 2017 Annual Exhibition .
-Highly Commended Acrylic for the painting POISE AND PRIDE on The Hut Gallery Open Award Exhibition April 2018

[Artist Bio]

HSIN LIN, a Melbourne based artist who works mainly in acrylic floral art, born in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Before her Bachelor degree in Department of Finance and another diploma degree at RMIT University (Melbourne) , she showed her own passion and talent in Art and Fashion.

She launched her own personal label in late 20s ,being active in numerous international exhibitions and TV shows in Taiwan. Thereafter she come back to her beloved city- Melbourne in her early 30s, decided to extended her expertise in visual art.

HSIN LIN has been creating art full time for the past 4 years after her career as a professional fashion designer.
After going through the hard time of her life, she surprisingly regain the capability to see things in a new perspective and to feel the beauty of nature. She try to express her own aesthetics through her art, and the message of nature is her muse. She found acrylic is the perfect medium to interpret her intense passion due to its vivid and opaque property.

Previously HSIN LIN's work has been described as "Bold" and "Vivid" as she was into her own signature Wild Botanical Abstract Series, however she's currently working on more detailed, photorealism floral art that she had won awards for, to bring out the beauty of it.
Either the style, she devoted herself to deliver the peacefulness and calm of the nature to her viewer and collector.

Her painting -TRUST ME ,Cadbury the cat had been chosen by Avant Card Australia in Feb, 2017, and be published to 10,000 postcards distributed nationally in Australia (Limited edition print established on Spring 2017), at the same year , her artworks were featured in Australia Artist's Palette magazine in her interview- Message of Nature- on No.154 on August 2017.

HSIN LIN currently lives in Bayswater, Melbourne.
Recent exhibitions include numerous group exhibitions in Oak Hill Gallery , The Hut Gallery, Box Hill Art Group, Walker St Gallery , Ryazanoff Gallery , Brunswick Street Gallery, and so on.

Her Artworks can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally in Ferntree Gully ,Mildura, Geelong , Albert Park, St,Kilda , Acton ,Hampton ,Viewbank, Balwyn North, Clunes and Mansfield (VIC) ; Alexandria , Birchgrove and Middleton Grange (NSW) , Ascot and Tarragindi (QLD),Northern Territory, Perth, West Leederville(WA), Adelaide(SA), ACT Canberra in Australia , and Mississauga(Canada), London (UK) , Massachusetts and Georgia (USA), Sonthofen( Germany),Taipei ,New Tapei city and Pingtung County (Taiwan ) , Sichuan and Shanghai (China), and Ho Chi Minh City(Vietnam).

[Artist Statement]

Thank you for taking a look at my profile. I’ve been painting full-time ever since moving back to Melbourne four years ago.
Personally I would say my painting are mostly quite intense and emotional. However I do often got feedback from collectors that they feel the peacefulness in my artworks.

I love vivid, contrast colour combination, splashes, speckles, and the rough texture of the stroke . Most of my inspiration comes from the nature. I enjoy the joy of painting botanical art out of my own expression ,using the medium whatever I have in hand. I used to love the texture of different fabric while being a fashion designer, and now I am fascinated by the barks of Australian native trees, flower petals and bird's feathers. The nature of Australia is my inspiration most of the time.

Lots of the sparks of creation comes from my observation to the native trees and animals. The falling tree leaves in Autumn, various blooms in four seasons, falling feather of Cacatuas or Kookaburra, even the most common weed flowers as dandelion or a grass seed on the streets has its own inner-strength and message to deliver.

From where I live in Bayswater, there is a big field of forest right across the street. My creating process normally start from a short walk into the woods, by touching the texture of the bark , looking at the colours of the current seasons, feeling the sunlight reflected on the trees and grasses . I then collect whatever I found during the walk as inspiration. Sometimes would be the leaves of eucalyptus ,oak or pine, bird feathers; in autumn I have acorns, wattles and cherry blossoms in winter. There's only one rule for my collecting process, never take from the living tree/life. I took what had fallen only, and those are the gift from the nature of the day for me.

The best part of my nature collecting as inspiration is I also get to experiment with all kinds of natural medium out of ordinary brushes.
I want to capture those amazing moment that once touched my heart deeply into a piece of art. It would be wonderful that if the moment I freeze in my art can also let people who sees them feel the same or feel a moment of calm from it. That will be what I want to interpret in my art. Hope you enjoy.


Website: www.hsinlinart.com
Email: [email protected]
IG: www.instagram.com/helloinnerpeace
FB: www.facebook.com/helloinnerpeace
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hsinlinart
You tube: HSIN LIN ART


Fashion Design -RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne,Australia
Bachelor Degree of Finance- National Chun-Hsing University, Taiwan.


-DEC 2018 Annual "Deck the Walls" Art Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
-19th 20th and 21st October Box Hill Art Group Annual Exhibition @ Box Hill Lower Town Hall
-7th Oct - 4th Nov 2018 Allen & Peg Lowe Annual Award Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
- October 2018 Annual LITTLE ARCHIES PORTRAIT PRIZE Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
- July 2018 Annual Members Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
-18th to 23rd June Box Hill Art Group Mid Year Exhibition @ BHCAC
-27 April – 20 May 2018 Streeton Roberts McCubbin Awards Exhibition @ Sherbrooke Gallery
- 27-29 April 2018 Warranwood Art Show
-7th-29th April 2018 Open Exhibition Oil/Acrylic, Pastel & Watercolour @ The Hut Gallery
- 3rd -25th March 2018 Solo exhibition -Message Of Nature-HSIN LIN with OLGA MEGELE @ The Hut Gallery Foyer
-3rd March featured artist demonstration & Guest Judge for member exhibition @Sherbrooke Art Gallery, Belgrave
-March 17th-18th 2018 44TH KNOX ART SHOW @ Knox Community Arts Centre
-4th-25th Feb 2018 Members Exhibition Animals & Insects @ The Hut Gallery
-JAN 18-26 2018 Mornington Art Show @Peninsula Community Theatre
-13rd-28th Jan 2018 Members Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-DEC 2017-Jan 2018 Annual "Deck the Walls" Art Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery

Varies exhibition around Melbourne, Australia during 2016~2017 at Oak Hill Gallery,The Hut Gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery , Ryazanoff Gallery , Walker St Gallery , Yarra Glen Art show, Whitehorse Art Show, Box Hill Town Hall, Lulu Gallery and so on.

-16th-19th Nov 2017 - Whitehorse Art Show @ Box Hill Town Hall
-1-31st OCT 2017 Annual LITTLE ARCHIES PORTRAIT PRIZE Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
-1~29 Oct 2017 Allen & Peg Lowe Annual Award & Boully Emerging Artist Award Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-25th-27th August 2017 - Box Hill Art Group 65th Art Exhibition
-5th-27th August 2017 - Animal Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-2-30th July 2017 Open Award exhibition - Print and Drawing Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-2-30th July 2017 Annual Members Award Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
- 7 May - 2 June 2017 SMALLWORKS 2017 ART PRIZE Exhibition @ Brunswick Street Gallery
-April 2nd ~30th , 2017 - OIL ACRYLIC OPEN AWARD Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-March 4th ~26th , 2017 - Faces & Figures Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-March 11th-13th Yarra Glen Art show 2017
-March 2nd-12th -Traveling Home Art Exhibition @Lulu Gallery
-FEBRUARY 4th ~26th , 2017 - Holidays Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-February 27 January-9th 2017 Botany - Urban Forest art exhibition @ Brunswick Street Gallery
-Dec 2016-20th Jan 2017 The Christmas Art show @ Ryazanoff Gallery
-Dec 1st - 22nd 2016 -The 9 by 5 exhibition @ Walker St Gallery
-DEC 4th - 29th 2016 Annual "Deck the Walls" Art Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery
-Oct 2- Oct 30 , 2016 - Annual Exhibition & Award Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery
-Oct 2- Nov 23, 2016 - Annual Little Archies Portrait Prize Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery


- Sherbrooke Art Gallery March 2018 Newsletter Demonstrator -HSIN LIN
- Featured Artist interview for Assiduous Artistry by Patty Schumacher on February 25th 2018
-Romance Awareness Month: Complicated Love in Art Bluethumb blog interview by Monika O'Hanlon,10 August 2017
- Featuring in Australia Artist's Palette and Creative Artist magazine No.154 - 2017 July by Woodlands Publishing.
-TRUST ME ,Cadbury the cat had been chosen by Avant Card Australia in Feb, 2017, and be published to 10,000 postcards distributed nationally in Australia


Nature, People.

76cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
40cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
76cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
51cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
40cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
91cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
76cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
25cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Acrylic Paint