Artwork Description

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

BY THE WINDOW- Cadbury the cat
35.56 *35.56*1.5 cm
Ready to hang
Sign at front
Acrylic on 280 g/m2 Acid free canvas
Affirmation: Love me like you do.

Artwork inspired by the adorable cat in Bayswater, Melbourne ,Victoria, Winter 2017.

Some body once said a piece of art is a part of life of an Artist. I totally agree with it.
This is a very calming scene that I see often in a particular spot by the window that I do my daily meditation at home, sitting on an old chair with nostalgic pattern on it that my lovely neighbour left me. The yuletide camellia bloom beautifully in the winter on my front yard.

My cat Cadbury sometime sit by the window, by my side, and look at me with her lovable, big round eyes while I do my daily meditation. It's quiet, like time froze at that magical moment.
A very peaceful experience for me indeed.

I try to interpret her unconditional love and pure companionship in this painting, hope you can feel the love and joy of it from it too.

Warm regards,

-5th-27th August 2017 - Animal Exhibition @ The Hut Gallery , Ferntree Gully

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-4th-25th Feb 2018 Members Exhibition Animals & Insects The Hut Gallery

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Acrylic on 280 g/m2 Acid free canvas, Original ,ready to hang, sealed with gloss varnish spray. Comes with a certificate of authenticity

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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More art by HSIN LIN

Courageous Love - Grevillea Peaches and Cream 
60.9cm (W) x 91.4cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas 
Ready to hang 
Side panel painted: Black
Affirmation -
Brave to be bold, to be different and born to be yourself.
Grevillea - primarily native to Australia, are evergreen shrubs or trees of great beauty with needle-like to fern-like foliage and incredibly flamboyant flowers. 
It has magnificent flowers in varied shapes and forms. Most have long flowering periods. The species I encountered in my neighbourhood is peaches and cream- has the most stunning, harmonic greenish- yellowy -pinkish colour hue.
In this painting, the flowers stand out gloriously from the leaves at the background. 
It is one of my favourite trees. I adore the beauty of it every day I walk into the woods. 
The bloom of it stands for Boldness, Strength and Courage. 
Exactly what I would like to express in this piece.
Artwork inspired by nature at Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, End of Summer, 2020. -HSIN LIN
Enjoy the step by step time lapse video of this artwork please visit :
10th July -1st August 2021 Camberwell Art ShowFEELS LIKE HOME - Silver Banksia 
70  x 50 X 1.5 cm 
Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas 
Ready to hang 
Side panel painted: Black
Metallic Gold paint are used . It actually shines beautifully when you look at the physical painting.

Affirmation - You have nothing to lose, you have nothing to be afraid of , this is the place where you start.

Banksia marginata, also known as Silver Banksia,  Australian evergreen shrubs of the protea family.
Its natural occurrence is throughout from South Australia, Victoria and eastern New South Wales and Tasmania. Some forms have a lignotuber, which is a woody swelling at the stem base that regenerates after fire.

All banksias produce copious nectar and are ideal for attracting wildlife into gardens. Seeds are also eaten by cockatoos, particularly the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo.


Artwork inspired by nature at Royal Botanic Garden , Cranbourne, Autumn, 2019. -HSIN LIN

I am HSIN LIN , Full Time Artist based in Melbourne Australia , obsessed with the beauty of flowers . 
From where I live in Bayswater, there is a big field of forest nearby.
My creating process normally start from a short walk into the woods, touching the texture of the barks, feeling the sunlight reflecting on the leaves and grasses . 
I then collect whatever I found during the walk as inspiration. 
Sometimes would be the gum tree, oak tree, pine tree leaves, or bird feathers; in autumn I have acorns, and wattles in winter. There's only one rule for my collecting process, never take from the living tree/life. 
I collect what had fallen only, and those are the gift from the nature of the day for me.

This painting is painted after my visiting of Royal Botanic Garden in Cranbourne recently, as Banksia has a special place in my heart.  A brave, evergreen  native tree with the humbled strength. 
Hope you enjoy the colourful world of my original art too.

Warm Regards,

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Exhibition History :
-4th- 19th July 2019 -Artist Of The Month- HSIN LIN - Bloom Like flowers series @ Riot Art Eastland
-6th- 27th Oct 2019 Allan & Peg Lowe Prize Annual Exhibition @ The Hut GalleryThis painting POISE AND PRIDE- is a award winning painting as the Highly Commended Acrylic in The Hut Gallery Open Award Exhibition April 2018 .
Acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang
-Flowers and girls series- by HSIN LIN
A piece of my on going series- "Flowers and Girls".
In this series, I first started painting most of my self or my cousins, basically the people around me.
Same as my "Bloom like flowers" series", flowers are the object represent life itself.
In this series I painting flowers in full bloom , a interpretation of the vitality, also a salute to the golden age .
This self-portrait of mine actually took a lot of time for me to re-recognise myself, knowing myself a bit further more to complete. It's a journey literally. Peony stands for honour, and bush lily stands for great luck in this painting.
I also enjoy painting those photo real flowers in the process too.
I always want to deliver a important message in my floral series - Now is the very best time to be alive.
Be at the moment, be yourself. Whenever you are experiencing difficulty, life itself can be bloomed like flowers with no fear
A Self portrait . Painted in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, Spring, 2017.
Enjoy the making of this artwork please visit :
-1-31st OCT 2017 Annual LITTLE ARCHIES PORTRAIT PRIZE Exhibition @Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington
-March 17th-18th 2018 44TH KNOX ART SHOW @ Knox Community Arts Centre
-7th-29th April 2018 Open Exhibition Oil/Acrylic, Pastel & Watercolour @ The Hut Gallery
- 1-30July 2018 Annual Members Exhibition Oak Hill Gallery
16th March- 15th April 2019 -Artist Of The Month - Flowers and Girls series- Artworks Exhibited at Riot Art Knox Westfield
1st - 28th September - Bloom Like Flowers Solo Exhibition by HSIN LIN, Knox Immerse 2019 by Knox city council , Upper Ferntree Gully , Melbourne*This artwork is chosen by Maroondah City Council signal boxes public art project - Celebrating local cultural vibrancy on July 2021.
Capturing Freedom is printed as a vinyl wrap adhered to signal boxes on the site - corner Eastfield Road and Bayswater Road, adjoining Cheong Park, Box number 626. *

Artwork size - 57.4 X 71.4 X 0.1 cm
Overall Size - Standard A1 large print - 59.4 x 84.1 x 0.1 cm ( border included)
Also in a standard A1 size, should be able to fit in any A1 size frame you have easily.
LIMITED EDITION Giclée print on 310gsm textured paper. Unframed . All prints are individually signed , numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Original artwork info:

Capturing Freedom - Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
51cm (W) x 41cm (H) x 1.5cm (D)
Signed at front. Ready to hang. Side panel painted Black
Acrylic painting on gesso primed Acid free canvas
“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” - Aung San Suu Kyi
As many of you may know I don’t paint birds very often, but when I do it’s normally a self-projection.
From where I live in Bayswater, there is a big field of open woodland near my studio.
The grassland is always my favourite playground, especially during the lockdown. I often accompanied by varies local birds such as cockatoos, magpies, colourful rosellas, lorikeets and kookaburras during the walk. 
Pink Cockatoos / Major Mitchell's Cockatoo are hard to miss, with their pink colouring and distinctive red and white crest. 
These friendly, playful, highly social birds represent inner influence, balance, joy, abundance.
I often see pink cockatoos having launch under the winter sun peacefully or fly up to the branches in flock playfully. It’s one of my favourite scenes to enjoy.
I captured the magical scene with my eyes, froze the moment with my paint brushes and canvas, worked on it for quite sometimes in my studio.
This artwork is also painted during the lock down in Victoria as we are having it again. 
A special isolation diary that I wrote with my paint brushes. Hope you enjoy this original artwork of mine.
A latest piece of my animal series -THE VOICE OF NATURE -.
Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, Winter 2021.
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