Artwork Description

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Let’s Make A Wish - Banksia Menziesii (Menzies Banksia)
Artist Acrylic on Premium quality triple primed gesso canvas, painted with palette knife and brushes.
Signed at front and ready to hang. Sides Painted.
91.4 x 60.9 x 3.5 cm

I encountered this beautiful Banksia bush during my visiting to Royal Botanic Garden in its flowering season. The shape of the flowers looks like candles on cake, shining in vibrant yellow and red under the sun light.
I walked into the woods, the voice from nature of the day is:

Affirmation – Desire is the key to motivation, our wish becomes our will, determination brings success. So, let us light up a candle, make a wish, take a chance and make a move.

This Australian native plant is one of my favourite objects to study, to paint and I especially love the spiritual meaning of it. Some species of Banksia protect their seeds inside follicles while simultaneously opening up when experiencing fire.
It reminds me that we shall never give up no matter what kind of difficulty we encounter in life. Sometimes challenges in life may be good things in disguise.

Banksia symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. To move on the past courageously, to have the strength which pain cannot touch and to look forward to tomorrow.
Banksia menziesii, also known as firewood banksia or strawberry banksia, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Banksia. Leaves are dull green with new growth in greyish green. Flowers are often in two-coloured red or pink and yellow.
Menzies Banksia is commonly seen in Australian Parks and gardens, it provides food for animals and birds, in particular- honeyeaters.

May we all bloom in our time in the best season. Hope you enjoy this artwork of mine.
Artwork inspired by nature at Royal Botanic Garden, Cranbourne, Autumn, 2021. -HSIN LIN


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Artist Acrylic on Artist quality triple primed gesso Acid free canvas. Sealed with clear varnish. Sides painted . Ready to hang. Comes with certificate of authenticity

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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May Your Days Be Filled With Light - Flowering Gum
40cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Ready to hang
Acrylic on Acid free canvas
Affirmation: Stand still and proud. May our days be filled with light.
From where I live in Bayswater, there is a big field of forest nearby my studio.
My creating process normally start from a short walk into the woods, touching the texture of the barks, feeling the sunlight reflecting on the leaves and grasses.
I then collect whatever I found during the walk as inspiration.
Sometimes I have various tree leaves or bird feathers; in autumn I have acorns, wattles in winter. There's only one rule for my collecting process, never take from the living tree/life.
I collect what had fallen only, and those are the gift from the nature of the day for me.
Recently I found out that the new growth gum tree was having its first bloom. I was obsessed with the delightful view of the sunlight reflected on those striking orange blossoms every time I walk pass by this particular tree.
It has become a routine of mine to paint the first bloom of the plant around my surrounding, now you are looking at my latest interpretation of my favourite gum tree.
CORYMBIA FICIFOLIA (BABY ORANGE), a tough Australian native plant with brilliant bright orange flowers in summertime, is quite common in urban areas, gardens and streetscapes.
New growth appears bronze-red then turns green providing a beautiful contrast of colour.
Eucalyptus flowers also have the symbolic meaning as Healing and Protection. 

Flower always bloom in their own time without competing with other flowers. May we all bloom in our time in the best season. Hope you enjoy this artwork of mine.
Artwork inspired by nature in Summer 2021, Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria.
-HSIN LINSwoon and Bloom - Passion Flower
Artist Acrylic on Gesso primed canvas.
Artwork painted extends to all Sides. Ready to hang, D rings and wire attached at the back in gallery standard.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Sealed with clear varnish.
76 cm (H) x 51 (W) x 3cm (D)

Listen with your heart, speak with love.

To experience the changing of the seasons and to present moments, it has become a routine of mine to paint the first bloom in my surrounding during its flowering season. This artwork is inspired by the Passion Vine that I spotted in my neighborhood closed to my art studio. 
I was fascinated by those interesting fringed petals and splendorous tendrils; the white petals shine bright like precious gems under the sunshine.

Fun Fact of these unusual blossoms - Passion Flower Essence is used to purify and strengthen one’s connection to unconditional love even nowadays.
A Truly Special and Symbolic Gift- Passion Flower, was named by Roman Catholic priests In the 15th and 16th centuries for the Passion of Jesus Christ. There were old sayings that the flower's five petals and five petallike sepals represented the 10 faithful apostles. As for the circle of filaments in the center of the bloomsome, stands for the Crown of Thorns.

This artwork is painted during the lockdown, a special isolation diary that I wrote with my paintbrushes. Flowers always bloom in their own time without competing with other flowers. May we all bloom in our time in the best season.
Hope you enjoy this artwork of mine.

-Bloom like flowers -
In this signature series of mine, flowers as the object represent life itself to me.
Our own will to be alive, and the way we want to be alive.
While I carefully paint these tiny flower petals or built up those fine leaves’ vines, it is like the way we try to figure out those uncertainties, furthermore, to be able to be closer to the truth a little bit more.

Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Spring, 2021. -HSIN LIN

Enjoy the time-lapse video of this artwork please visit:
Whispering Quietly - Germander Speedwell
Affirmation: Marching on, one thing at a time. The slower the better, because time is on your side. -
29.5*42*0.1 cm 
This painting is inspired by my observation of my favourite nature object - the most comment Lawn weeds, during a short walk into the woods before I start my daily painting routine.
The strength and vitality of the weed grasses and flowers are fascinating.
The tiny purple flowers of Germander Speedwell - Veronica chamaedrys, also known as Bird's-eye Speedwell, has a meaning from its name, which is "on the ground."
It is a perennial weed, and can survive in all soil types.
Next time if you notice those tiny purple flowers, they may quietly whisper to you if you listen carefully.
Time-lapse Art video of this original artwork:
Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, Winter 2018. 
SUNSET 5PM - White Clover Field
Affirmation : When you let go, you see hopes everywhere.
40.6 x 50.8 X 1.5 cm
Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas
Metallic Gold paint are used. 
D-rings and wire attached at the back. 
Ready to hang 
Side panel painted: Black

This painting was inspired by a tranquil moment that I have had during a afternoon walk into the woods after a long day. 
The weather was perfect, sunlight shine through the blue sky ,everything glows under the golden sunset.
Time Frozen.
White clover flowers blooms gloriously along with dandelions and various grass seeds.
Therefore I have the title for this particular artwork.

The voice of nature of the day from the white clover field was -
Do your own thing, walk in your own way, so that no one else will take you down.

White clover is very common on lawns and is not difficult to find usually. 
These tiny white flowers are strong and beautiful.
It's always be there whenever you look down on lawn.
There's also a saying that the meaning of the white clover flower is "Promise".

Artwork inspired by the most common weed flowers during a afternoon walk in Bayswater ,Melbourne, Spring 2018. 

Thank you for stopping by my Original Artwork . 
I am HSIN LIN , an Artist based in Melbourne Australia ,obsessed with the beauty of flowers . 
I believe there's no coincidence in this big wide world , every little accident is meant to be . 
Welcome to have a look of my profile if you love what I do ,give me a follow for my latest art, or even find your favorite artwork of mine to accompany your beautiful life journey . 
Hope you enjoy the colourful world in my floral painting as much as I do too.

Warmest regards, 

Enjoy the time lapse video of this artwork welcome to visit the link below :
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