I Use ( IsabelMcivor-Kimber) for my Artist name . I am commonly known as Fay (My middle name ) McIvor my married name and kimber my mothers maiden name. Born in a little country town TE PUKE Bay of Plenty North Island New Zealand 1935, maiden name Moore (Kimber Isabel's mothers maiden name)
TE PUKE is situated in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I now reside in the Sunshine Coast and became Australian Citizen year 2000.
I have always been creative, mastered many crafts. During my life I have designed and made all my own clothing for many people including for beauty contest.
It was not until my mature years that I turned my creative talents to paintings. I am a dedicated Artist and have won awards in both New Zealand and Australia.
I see a completely a different world since I first began painting in 1994 with oils. Apart from 14 lessons at the age of 59 years with an oil artist teacher in New Zealand in 1994.I generally regard myself as self taught. I have since moved on from oils, to other mediums such as watercolour, acrylics, and pastel.
Being an avid photographer I use my large collection of photos as a reference material for my work. I have discovered I have a real flare for watercolour and Acrylic, have become my favourite firm favourites. Over the years I have attended art workshops with recognised artist to further develop my skills. My favourite subject is flowers and because of my deep love of flowers as a subject I reached the characteristics of each of them before creating in realism or in a semi abstract form. Isabel has painted many commissions,and painted a mural on a hallway wall in a private home.
Isabel also owned a picture framing and her own gallery business from year 2000 to 2004 named Let's Frame IT. Redcliffe, QLD, Brisbane, Australia.
Isabel had to call it aday at the age of 70 years April 2005. Isabel sold many of her paintings all over the world , New Zealand,Australia, Switzerland, America, and Holland.

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Primary School & College New Zealand 1940-1950


1997 - 2012 Exhibition prizes won by Isabel McIvor-Kimber. NZ & Australia.


local paper of Redcliffe 2000 to 2004


I am also Avida.com designer of Collections, fashions, http://shopvida.com/collections/isabel-mcivor
I have been a member of the New York Art.

88cm (W) x 68cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
88cm (W) x 68cm (H)
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88cm (W) x 68cm (H)
Other Media
20cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Oil Paint
56cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
30cm (W) x 62cm (H)
57cm (W) x 67cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
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