Isabella Karolewicz, also known as ‘Bella’ is an Australian, Melbourne based artist. She has a raw natural talent, following her artistic visions with authentic soul.
Bella began her artistic journey learning how to paint in traditional styles using oils. It is during those years that she developed a solid foundation mastering the use of tonal values, colours, composition and light. This enabled her to transition into a more modern abstract style with ease, incorporating acrylics and other mediums. As a result, she has now combined her two loves together, ‘Contemporary and Traditional Art’. This has become her ‘signature style’ creating a bridge between generations producing classical, timeless pieces.

“Regularly challenging my artistic skills I decided to separate myself from external influences/guidance to discover what ‘my’ artistic visions were. I quickly realized that when I painted what I loved, other people also related to it. My art comes from an authentic place and holds a rawness that I never want to loose.” Bella.
Due to her athletic background, she has a great appreciation for the human form and enjoys to paint figures that represent not only beauty but also strength. Her most recent works were inspired by her travels to beautiful cities. Featuring their beauty through a semi-abstract approach of its cityscapes/landmarks. She cannot help but introduce hints of romance and love in many of her pieces, which is also a reflection of her as an individual and her desire to expose the beauties of the world we live in.

‘Life is always filled with beautiful moments, whether it be hints of romance, love or flowers blossoming. It is these simple beauties and emotions that are timeless and experienced by every generation. This mixture of styles aims to create a bridge between the past and the present, intertwining them together in a unique way. It has inspired me to bring a modern twist to well respected icons in beautiful cities from all around the world…” Bella.

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Currently Studying a Bachelor of Business Management at RMIT University. Also Studied an Art course at RMIT.
All paintings come with a Certificate of Authentication signed by the Artist.


2016: Solo exhibition: " A Subtle Beauty..."
2014 Independent Schools Victoria Art Gallery, Vic.
2015 Royal Melbourne Show, Vic.
2016 Mornington Art Show, Mornington, Vic.
2016 Knox Art Show, Vic.
2016 Mooney Valley Art Show, Vic
2016 Camberwell Art Show, Vic
2016 Hobson Bay Art Show, Vic


• "Artist Palette 2016 Yearbook" Featured artist. Painting making front cover.
• ‘Star Weekly’ Newspaper, Page 3.
• Artsy Shark “Art & Women” photo Article


Influences include qualities drawn from traditional art, however expressing these qualities in a contemporary style that everyone can relate to.

182cm (W) x 122cm (H)
Mixed Media
101cm (W) x 101cm (H)
Mixed Media
101cm (W) x 101cm (H)
Oil Paint
135cm (W) x 108cm (H)
Other Media
76.2cm (W) x 91.4cm (H)
Oil Paint
152cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Mixed Media
122cm (W) x 76.2cm (H)
Oil Paint
121.9cm (W) x 91.4cm (H)
Mixed Media
61cm (W) x 91.4cm (H)
Oil Paint
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