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Spirit of this painting :
This artwork set is about Sexual Energy.
It’s titled Lucid Dream DUO【楚梦】A set collection of inspirational peony brush paintings done with traditional water ink. The perfect bloom of peonies symbolises wealthy, auspicious, honour and graceful in Chinese art for centuries. These good meanings gave me the idea to name the work.【楚梦Chu Meng】 is a story from 【高唐赋gao tang fu】during The Warring States Period(475–221 BC)in ancient Chinese history. The story described the emperor had a beautifully and emotionally erotic dream during a trip to Wu Mountain. In the dream, the goddess of Wu mountain said,’I would be cloud by day and rain in the night, so we could be together day by day. ‘ After several years, the son of the emperor went to the same place and had a similar dream. From then on, “cloud and rain” become a metaphor for sexual energy until now. I created the layout of two paintings which is similar to Chinese characters楚梦. I want to send the best wishes to everyone who believes in love.

It is my honour to invite you to explore a unique spiritual inner world with me through the view of this blooming dream.

You are more than welcome to collect my limited edition artworks.
Furthermore, it is my pleasure to create unique artwork ONLY for YOU.

Lots of love,
Jade Li

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Material & Energy: special rice paper,Chinese ink, natural mineral colour. Technique: meticulous painting/泼墨写意 All of the materials I use are very specially made and full of good energy. The brush painting technique is highly unique, I paint everything with positive Qi (气). [Limited Edition Print] A2 size each (42x59.4cm) (easy for you to find frames in shop nearby) *High Quality Luxurious Print paper * 310 GSM * Soft Color Fidelity * Archival quality

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“Yellow is a small wheel of cheddar cheese. Permeating a musty odor out of the baker’s shop. Yellow is a thousand paper cranes, floating down a slow, mellow river. Yellow is the round circle of the moon, the light that stays through the coldest night.” – Anisha Datta

“Touch has a memory.”
— John Keats

Touch has power to speak without saying anything. It is a language we communicate with the one we love. 
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