I am a German born Australian artist, with a deep love and connection to this land. I have made Australia my home for over 30 years and much of my inspiration is found in the natural environment around me in my immediate surroundings.

I am passionate about the Australian landscape, peoples and animals, reflected in the themes through out all my artwork.

I would identify myself as some what of a feminist , but more accurately as a humanist , for while my work is subjective and metaphorical of my own experiences , it is a reflection of the human narrative experience as a whole, regardless of gender or status.

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Masters Degree‚ Fine Arts and Curation
COFA ; University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts

Masters in Studio Arts‚ Painting & Drawing
SCA Sydney College of the Arts

Bachelor of Arts ; Diploma of Secondary Education‚ Literature‚ Philosophy and Education
Macquarie University


Current Exhibitions and Prizes

FINALIST Morris art Prize, Gold Coast

(Upcoming ) 2019
Archibald Prize Entry : Maggie Beer (confirmed sitting)

Archibald Entry : Adriano Zumbo

Archibald Entry : Peter Overton

Bondi Art Moments Gallery

Mosman Art house Art Charity Auction

Bondi Art of Happiness -Private sales through studio


Himiko Gallery Vino and Art Sessions 17th August 2013



Art is a political and practical passion of mine. I believe in all aspects of the hand making process of creation , which translates into me creating not only the art work but the frame , sourcing and creating local pigments and using materials found in my immediate environment such as rocks found in my garden and reusing materials that have a value in their quality as well as having a value in that they are not discarded but rather reused to become a thing of beauty and meaning.

I am passionate about art , I am passionate about the environment (especially my local immediate one) , I am passionate about materials and how they are used , and I am passionate about combining these things to make something unique and personal to not just myself, but also to the beholder.