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Melbourne, Australia

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Tony Gould AM is one of Australia’s most respected pianists with an ability to play in a vast array of styles. He began his piano career improvising and playing jazz, and it wasn’t until his adult years when he studied classical music that he learnt to read music.
One of the things I admire most about Tony Gould, which inspired me to paint him, is his firm belief that music is for everyone and that anyone who is playing is doing their best and should be applauded for that. And he lives that philosophy giving his time to play with high school students – my daughter being one - and to contribute to causes such as the Hush Foundation which raises money for children undergoing cancer treatments.
I wanted to capture the integral connection between Tony as a person, and Tony as a performer, and to show his strength, but also his vulnerability.


pianist, innerchild, portrait, Tony Gould, compassion, vulnerability, grey, surrealism, oil painting, music, hands