From my home in the Yarra Valley, I see every day the changes that occur in our landscape. The accumulation of these changes, these consequences, of both human and climatic actions, are painted in the detail of the landscape, in the stories it tells, in the minute and infinite detail.

These details and stories evoke in me a visceral response and my art channels this through the expression of the emotion that presents as a result of cataclysmic events such as bushfires, floods, soil erosion, habitat loss, extinction of species and environmental degradation.

Each of these events occur as a result of a burst of energy that causes a change, resulting in consequences that are random, uncontrolled, unexpected; sometimes catastrophic. There is often beauty in the chaos, but always impact - whether for the short, or potential long term. These are not only earth changing events, regardless of how seemingly small, but actually quiet significant in shaping the story of the land, and all the consequences that follow.

As I produce artworks I am consciously recreating these cataclysmic scenarios where I drown the canvas in viscous solutions of solvents, medium and pigments. I use gravity as my paintbrush, manipulating the surface to repel or attract pigment as it falls out of solution.
This method of painting often fails to achieve an aesthetic result and I know when the event’s integrity has not been rightfully represented which sees me rip the canvas from the support and start again. There is no covering up or painting over, just like the events the artwork represents.

I feel the artwork is reminiscent of aerial photography of monumental landscapes, or of bodies, body parts and internal landscapes. I deliberately strive to achieve a partially reflective surface so that the viewer is absorbed into the landscape in a way that engages the audience as a reminder of our involvement in shaping our world and our environment.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts - Curtin University


2015 Governors Island Art Fair New York
2015 Memorial Hall Healesville
2013 Monsalvat
2012 Art at Linden Gate
2012 Manyung Gallery
2012 Brunswick Street Gallery
2010 Brunswick Street Gallery
2010 Art Melbourne
2010 Brunswick Street Gallery
2010 Cambridge Studio Gallery
2009 Art Sydney (BSG)
2009 Brunswick Street Gallery
2008 Pigment Gallery
2008 Yering Station Gallery
2008 Three Stories Gallery
2007 Sticks Winery
2007 Tony Smibert Gallery
2006 Cru Restaurant & Gallery
2005 Yering Station Gallery

2004 Upper Yarra Valley Art Gallery
2004 Artholes Gallery, Abbotsford
2005 The Loft at Rochford – Masterclass exhibition
2005 Banyan Gallery
2007 Monsalvat – 28 exhibition
2009 Steps Gallery
2011 Brunswick Street Gallery
2014 Three Stories Gallery

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Finalist in the Brunswick Street Gallery Art Prize 2010 and 2011
Winner 1st prize in the inaugural Banyan Gallery People’s Choice award.
Yarra Valley Art Show Award Winner 2005


Jenny Reddin: The Art of Catastrophe’ at Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond
by Dr Marcus Bunyan

Art Almanac Featured Artist September 2012


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