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Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Those close to me are aware I rename certain people who move me according to what I perceive to be their true nature. This painting is actually of a person (their essence) whom I renamed Warm Gold Running. Within this painting is the story of their past, their present, and also their future. Within this painting is your past, present, and future.
I feel that for many, right now, you are battle weary. I sense this because I've been feeling the same way. And I know by now that if I'm feeling something, many of you lovely souls are also.
We have people condemning us, people trying to make us responsible for their happiness and keep them propped up, people playing games, whispering behind us, exercising and projecting their own self discontent in a myriad of ways and avoiding working on it by bringing us down, saying we'll never make it, 'you haven't found your life partner, you're not capable' 'you won't get that job, you're not qualified' 'you're broken' 'you're aiming so high and focused on your dreams because you're narcissistic and living a fairy tale. You should be thinking about me' and it goes on and on. Then there is life. Just general life. Incessant rain, drought, work, money, time, the needs of the many... and finally there's our own voices. Are they right? Can I make it? Am I broken? Am I selfish for striding out to meet my destiny? Do I want too much? Can I survive all this?
Maybe someone walked out on you. A business, a friend, a partner. Maybe you had to leave for self preservation. It may seem as if everything is happening at once.
Please just know that you're not taking bullets from every angle. You're dodging them. If those people left you then you didn't need them to fulfil your destiny. If you didn't get the job, the promotion or the car space you wanted just know that something better and of greater alignment is waiting for you. I assure you, from the depths of my heart and from a very rich history in experience of this - your coming days will be far greater than your former days. I have been made to witness horrific acts and many horrific acts have been carried out against me over the years, but the enemy failed to fell me. I'm still standing. More than that, I'm running toward my destiny. I know that a deep expansive power within me is still burning. I can feel it even as I write this. And if it's in me it's in you. Take some of mine as a spark to relight yours if the embers feel low. And then let it rage.
I love you.
Always know that I love you. Eat well, get a good sleep, and then keep running to your destiny like the brilliant beast that you are.

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Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oils and Matisse Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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Jo S. Stacey

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