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Joshua Miels' paintings are a continuous exploration of the emotional states of mind that we tend to conceal from society, revealing how a face can often be a deceptive facade. It can be challenging to truly comprehend what someone is going through just by looking at them. Even in the toughest of circumstances, we can appear composed and wear the right mask to conceal our inner emotions. Joshua's works delve into the actions and emotions we exhibit to conceal inner turmoil and emotional hardship.

People often put up false fronts, creating the illusion that they are fine. This is particularly true for men who are still expected to conform to old-fashioned ideals such as being strong, brave, and protective. These expectations can be mentally and emotionally damaging, as they may be unattainable for individuals. We all conceal our emotions in different ways, assuming that we are being judged based on our outward appearance. Joshua aims to challenge this assumption.

Through his textured portraits, Joshua aims to convey the ambiguity of physical emotions by limiting the feelings that his subjects exhibit. His large-scale paintings appear somewhat nonchalant, making it difficult for viewers to immediately relate to their direct human emotions. As a result, viewers are prompted to look beyond what they see at face-value, encouraging them to question the real individual.

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oil on canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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impasto, powerful, loneliness, alone, thick textureThese artworks are painted onto a wooden panel and then transfered onto a preprepared canvas. As the image is pressed & transferred onto the canvas only some of the paintings information is retained, this process can be done multiple times until the image is eventually lost. This technique can evoke both happiness and sorrow, as it reminds us that our memories are fleeting and cannot be preserved indefinitely. Nevertheless, it is precisely this fleeting nature that makes our present experiences so valuable. We must cherish each moment as it happens, without any assurance of what the future may hold.Breaking down the stigma of mental illness. As a contemporary artist, Joshua's work sheds light on the vulnerability of individuals and their struggle to deceive the public about their real emotions. By capturing a man who may appear strong at first, he challenges the viewer to look closer. Once viewed through a different, perhaps more compassionate lens, the observer can start to detect their fragility.
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