This is an exciting year ahead for me so I have decided to change the usual blurb to explain what I am up to. Several years ago my husband and I decided to take a trip around Australia , oh we are English by the way , coming out to Australia (Melbourne) in 2001 , having visited a few places we decided that it wasn't enough, we had to take the time to see as much as we can of this beautiful country.
Fast forward several years , children growing up and leaving home , coming back and leaving again ! The time has finally arrived and we leave in just 6 days time!
I have been painting in one form or another for 17 years now and selling independently via group exhibitions and privately so I have built a good database of clients. I have had a studio at home and then a studio in Mordialloc where I have met and been inspired by so many wonderful artists, it was hard to leave last week but a whole new adventure awaits and I cant wait to make a start..
Travelling in a caravan , my hubbie has added a toolbox to his own ( he is a carpenter so will work along the way) and I have packed all my 'tools' in readiness for the many amazing sights I know we are going to encounter. I have recently started using pens over my monoprints as a way to enable me to create even in a situation where space is limited. I am renowned for being incredibly messy when I paint as I use my hands and a pallet knife and lots of water! I am sure this will happen as I venture outside and paint 'Plein air' , I cannot tell you how excited that makes me, surrounded by nature
and all that has to offer an artist , for myself it will give me the chance to study the changing light and the incredible colours of the outback , the lush greens of the rainforests, the colours of native birds, animals, the broken down rusty cars we have often seen on journeys before. Gosh I have nearly forgotten the houses and buildings from the past , holding so many interesting stories of so many that have walked before me, so much to discover and document on my trusty ipad in my own colours and perspective.
As an artist I see shapes and colours and texture before I see form so this will be reflected in my work as I travel for sure. I am excited to see my pen works evolve too as I have found it gives me a sense of peace and serenity working quietly and without thought , the pictures in my head will be brought to life as I allow myself the freedom to play and just be..
The works will be mainly on paper for Bluethumb as it makes it easier to send back to Melbourne so they can be packed ready for postage and delivery there. I am excited and if I'm honest a little scared as we embark on our trip of a lifetime, we have never travelled in a caravan before and there is much to know about that and the terrain we will be facing as we head towards Darwin as our first longer port of call. I have never let fear get in the way of anything though so off I go, painting my way around Australia. I do have a business page on Facebook which you can find on here I believe, on there is a link to my blog which will document all the highs and lows of our trip, please feel free to join us and experience all that we experience as it happens.

Artists statement
I don't necessarily have a concept or premise in mind when I paint, I find a subject that interests me and begin to look for ways I can bring it to life, texture and scratching the surface to reveal layers beneath are pretty consistent throughout my work. I dont use a brush very often , preferring to feel the canvass with my hands or I use a pallet knife, watching the interplay of colours gliding on a canvass, creating their own message excites me and creates the first of many layers, some peeking through the finished piece
I find it so hard to explain something that perhaps I do not fully understand of myself, I just know that a painting does not feel like it is mine until the struggle is obvious, the texture is tangible and the layers reveal some of what has passed and conceal that which enhances the surface.

My aim is always to produce a work that connects with me as the Artist , it will not leave the studio if it does not . I dont wish to fit in with what is of the moment , I strive to produce Art that the viewer wants to reach out and touch ( and they can it is very well protected) and travel through , often finding shapes and suggestions of paintings within , for it is many parts that make the the whole , each with a story to tell , this is my intent , it is not always achieved though and it is commom for me to destroy a work in order to bring back the life from the depths of refinement!

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Solo exhibitions
2011 Kingston Arts Centre , Cheltenham Melbourne

Joint Exhibitions
2011/12 B'artiste, Ross Smith Lane , Frankston , Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2018 SandyBeach Centre , Sandr8ngham , Melbourne
2018. Le Studio. 24 x 26 Crown Ave Mordialloc
2017 Le Studio , 24 - 26 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc Melbourne
2017 "Landscapes imagined and represented', Brunswick street Gallery , Fitzroy
2017 Scugnizzo Ristorante, 558 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
2017 Sandringham library , 2- 8 Waltham Street , Sandringham, Melbourne
2017 'Botany Urban Forests' , Brusnswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy
2017 Mornington annual Art show, Cnr Wilsons Road , Mornington
2016 Le Studio, 24 - 26 Crown Ave , Mordialloc
2016 Marine Easel Exhibition , Beaumaris Yaught club , Beaumaris
2014 Cliftons Art exhibition , 1/440 Collins Street , Melbourne
2014 A4 Art show , herring Island Gallery
2013/2012/2011/2010 Art at Burnley , Richmond, Melbourne
2013/2012/2011/2010 Mornington Peninsula Annual Art show (Invite only) Rosebud, Victoria
2013/2012/2011/2010 Mount Eliza Art exhibition, Mosely drive, Mt Eliza (invite only)
2013/2012/2011/2010 Camberwell Rotary Clube exhibition . Various loacations in Melbourne
2010 Adelaide charity exhibition, Town hall, Adelaide, South Australia
2009 Regular exhibiting Artist until closure in 2010 Lioli (love it or leave it) Gallery , Camberwell, Melbourne
2009 The collectors exhibition, The Steps Gallery, Carlton, Melbourne
2009/2008/2007 Noble Park community Art exhibition, Noble Park Community Centre , Melbourne
2009/2008/2007/2006 Art at Burnley Harbour, Richmond, Melbourne
2007 Fostering expressions , Foster, Victoria
2006/2005 Articyles in Highett, regular exhibiting Artist until closure, Highett, Melbourne


Van Gogh, for his bravery and beautiful texture. Gustave Klimt for his world of beauty . Brett whitely for his imagination and pure courage.
Turner for his empowering landscapes and skill . Lucien Freud for his dedication to the human form.
Matisse for his shapes and colour. Cezanne for his boldness , Picasso for his beautiful blue series amongst others of course but I do so love blue!, Michealangelo for everything and anything, this man was a genius , all of the great artists that walked before us influence me in one way or another, too many to mention , these are but a few...

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