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Sydney, Australia /Paris, France, Australia

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Ready to hang - total size 40cm x 50cm x 3.5 depth in a black minimal frame. with a white mount. This was amongst a series of retro and vintage fashion and style collages -"Blue Butterfly #1" ''- Is made with recycled 1950s/60s vintage french fashion magazine, vintage books and other vintage papers.

Although I finished my fine arts bachelors degree with a painting major , I embraced a more intimate and personal process which I find with collage, mixed media encompassing at times needlework and collage and small reworked domestic items.

Collage especially allows this reworking and pastiche to make a new story or 'paint' a new picture. I adore the process and opportunities that collage allows and embrace using and recycling vintage papers and magazines - currently vintage French fashion magazines and discarded books from the 1950's and 60's - the ephemeral and the discarded. That which is fleeting/ passing and impermanent and giving new life and form - a new story.


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