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By Karyn Fendley

Byron Bay, Australia

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Karyn Fendley’s dramatic landscape paintings, with their bright skies, deep shadows and silhouettes, capture the essence of sunny beaches on summer days. After spending time at various beaches along the north coast of NSW last summer, Fendley returned to the studio to produce this series of paintings that explore extremes of lightness and darkness, and the transient liminal spaces created by shadows.

“I hope to capture the spirit of the Australian landscape and share my experience of the natural world through my artwork. I believe that while spending time in nature or when looking at images of nature, we become aware of our own small place in the world, bringing a little perspective into our lives.” Karyn Fendley


beach, landscape, seascape, rocks, sandstone, leaves, pandanus, blue, gold, modern, Karyn Fendley, Green