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Katherine Gailer

Melbourne, Australia

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Oil on Canvas


Rebirth makes part of a body of works called ZERO:

‘ZERO as a metaphor is a reflexive matrix of the female experience as a source of power’.

In the works presented in ‘Zero’, the artist finds and ignites in each of her characters the ‘spark’ that lives in their vulnerable and passionate hearts. Connections between women, nature and body are Gailer’s universe: one where imaginary paradises are re-created and re-presented through the experience of being a woman. We see in these works magical and colourful brushstrokes of organic sensory worlds that are born in the fantasy and the poetics of the inner connection between mind and soul; Gailer’s quest is to infiltrate and activate this in us. These are splendid and generous worlds – powerful, exciting, feminine and exotic; worlds that are born in the metaphors of fertility and maternity as a unique feminine feeling.

The artist is enamored by notions of ‘fragility’ and ‘strength’ and her artwork can be interpreted as a series of confronting tensions to articulate the essence of female existence. Gailer uses vulnerability to entice us to re-focus our eyes in order to penetrate into the potency of woman. This is the starting point of a narrative in which she connects with the reality of the every day woman as a means of revealing her metaphysical qualities.

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