K.A. Oakley is a contemporary artist currently residing in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Her style embodies pure, raw emotion in the form of portraiture and symbolism that often provides a unique insight into the true selves of the subjects of her artwork, captivating and moving her audience on a more personable level. Having endured much hardship in her past and a quite traumatic childhood, she is able to empathize with persons of various walks of life and incorporates her most vulnerable emotions into each piece. This especially shows in her most personal pieces where feelings of protectiveness, hurt and sadness as well as beauty, joy and love all seem to echo in unison, resounding differently to each person viewing her work.

Her life was very difficult as a child so she often found herself delving into an imaginary land in her mind as an escape from the troubles going on around her . The words could not merely encapture the essence of her stories, so she taught herself to draw so that she could illustrate them. This is when she realised that she could reach and emotionally connect with people through her artwork on a much deeper level. Now a grown woman and a loving mother of four amazing boys (two of which have additional special needs that will sometimes shine through some of her artwork), though her stories are still there for her children to enjoy, her artwork has touched many people's hearts and now showcases much of her life as a mother, a lover and a woman who has experienced hurt and joy at its best and worst.

K.A.Oakley, whilst still an emerging artist has won a stream of awards at the Katherine Art Show in her time living in the Northern Territory including ribbons for Highest Aggregate and Best Senior Exhibit, three 1st place awards, four 2nd place awards and two third place awards. She has had her artwork exhibited in the Godinyamayin Yijard Arts and Cultural Centre and one of her colour portraiture drawings featured and credited as the cover work on a biographical publication last year. Her work featured in an international art magazine, ArtAscent Magazine in the September 2018 edition as her work was selcted in the distinguished artist category. Her artwork has also been bought as designs for tattoos and, previously she has sold personalized designs via a home business in 2012 in which her artwork was sold on tshirt designs and signs.

After taking a hiatus to raise her growing family and to care for her baby's medical condition, K.A. Oakley has found solace and passion in her artwork again, now showcasing a whole new range of techniques and amazing experiences through her work. She is now preparing various pieces for a series she plans to debut in an art show, hopefully by early 2019.

Let's take this journey together-K.A. Oakley

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Opening Art Prize at Godinyamayin Yijard Arts and Cultural Centre, Katherine, NT, Katherine Art Show 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014


ArtAscent Magazine; "Autumn" September 2018 issue; page 66: featured distinguished artist- "That Crunch"


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