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Kim Leutwyler

Sydney‚ NSW, Australia

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Watercolour on paper


Exhibition History:
2014 'Blacklisted'‚ Black Penny‚ Sydney‚ Australia (solo)
2014 'The Comfort Zone'‚ Gasworks Arts Park‚ Melbourne‚ Australia

I create paintings of LGBTQ-identified and Queer-allied women‚ most recently focusing on my partner‚ dearest friends and those who have impacted my life in some way. My work explores the line between glorification‚ objectification and modification. I use patterns from each subject’s local and social environment as a subtle vernacular to portray the layers and complexities of identity.

Queer identities have varying aesthetics which metamorphose based on age‚ race‚ geography etc. I explore fluidly expanding identities in my travels throughout North America‚ the European continent‚ Asia and the South Pacific region and depict certain aspects in my artwork. The bodies of queer-identified women in my paintings are evolving with their social environment.


#figure, #pattern, #yellow, #coral, #Pink, #queer, #lgbtq, #lesbian, #love, #couple, #chevron
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