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Photograph on paper

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This artwork comes with an external frame

‘Midas’ Daughter II
Inspired by the story of king Midas, who loved gold so much he made a wish that everything he touch turn to gold. At first the gift seemed to fulfil his every dream and satiate every craving. Until he couldn’t enjoy simple pleasures such as smelling a rose or enjoying a meal. And then his little daughter hugged him and also turned into gold. Tragically he realised too late that his greatest joy/s had been in front of him all along.
A reminder to cherish those you love and that the simple pleasures are actually the greatest treasures.

About the image: this was actually a challenge I set myself…rather than layer photographs together as I often do, I wanted this to be a single image. Every piece of the background (flowers, leaves, fruit) I’ve spray painted gold, and our lovely Midas’ daughter has been covered in body paint. I stood on a ladder to photograph her lying on the golden foliage.

When I look at the image, I'm always drawn to how peaceful she looks, as though she has just fallen asleep, the apple lying loosely in her hands. When you look closely, her body is actually covered in goosebumps and I love the juxtaposition or her serenity against the raised flesh. Did she know the second before she was turned into gold that something was about to happen? I'm urged to compare her utter trust with the love that Midas' daughter had for her father. How completely trusting and dependent all of our children are on us and what it is we do with that power and responsibility.

This is one of 2 Artist proofs of the 100cm edition. It has been professionally printed and framed by Bluethumb's Fantastic Framing to the highest standards, and is currently hanging in the Finalists Exhibition in Bluethumb's Richmond gallery. The chosen frame is ornate black with a gold strip around it, and the glass is museum quality, UV protective and non reflective (the highest quality available).

This artwork is currently available from Bluethumb's Melbourne Gallery in Bridge Road, Richmond.

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Fine Art Photograph - archival printing methods on museum quality 310gsm cotton rag paper (coated).

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This artwork is currently framed.

It comes with an external frame.

Framed dimensions - 105.0(W) x 77.0(H).

Artwork dimensions - 100.0(W) x 72.5(H).

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Large bunch of colourful native Australian flowers arranged on a table. The signature colour is pink. Inside the arrangement are a pink cockatoo and galah. Many butterflies and beetles are hidden in the foliage. Two human skulls sit amongst antique books and many colourful moths. Large bunch of colourful pink flowers arranged in a vase. Surrounded by insects and birds, this is a vanitas style still life. Woman curled up and buried, sleeping, underneath a beautiful orange tree.
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