Laurie Marburduk

Wurrdja, Maningrida, Arhnem Land, NT, Australia

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Stringybark with Ochre and PVA Fixative


The four long tapered shapes represent galanjanjh (bees wax/honey comb) which the bees build in hollow trees. There is a yarrpanj (honey bee) flying near one of the hives. The black circles at the base of the hives are belpam (block of wax) that the bees use to secure the end of their hive.

The human figures are ancestral mewal spirits. The mewal are shown using honey gathering implements; bongberre (honey collecting pole), ngappumarrah (stone axe) and marden (a special tightly twined dilly bag, designed for collecting honey).


#Bark painting, #ochre pigment, #Maningrida, #Aboriginal, #Australia, #Arnhem land

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