I am a self-representing Visual Artist and Poet, working from my studio in Leichhardt, Sydney. I’ve been selling my artwork online since 2003 and in that time have sold close to 1200 original works to buyers all over the world.

I find it difficult to talk about myself, however just recently I responded to a question a fellow Artist posted on Facebook, which I think provides a good insight into how I feel about myself as an Artist.

He asked, “What will your next painting be. A) Follow your bliss. B) Think up something you think might sell.”

There were quite a few responses, most emphatically choosing A, and a handful choosing both.

I responded, “I’m going to go against the tide here and say “B”. A painting that sells is a painting that has touched/moved someone in some way… that is what I’m about. Being paid for what I do let’s me know I’m on course. I believe I’m here, with the talent/skills I have… not to simply please myself, but to serve others… brighten someone’s day….perhaps create something that will be a meaningful gift from one person to another, becoming a small marker on the timelines of both their lives. It’s an incredible privilege. That is my bliss anyway, so B is A for me.”

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