Leo was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1959, to Jozef and Dianne Herreygers. His father, Jozef, was a skilled Artist and Carpenter in his own wright, producing works depicting both the sprawling city scapes of Belgium , rich with historical architecture, and delicate portraits. The ability to create was highly valued by Leo’s family, and from a very young age he showed exceeding potential as an artist.
A story often revisited by his mother, Dianne, was a task he was given as a very young student, the equivalent age of a pre-school child. The class was asked to sketch an object in the room, which in this case it was a towel hanging over a rack. As you’d imagine, children barely past a toddler’s age would be expected to draw a straight line as the rack and a square representing the towel. However, Leo drew the rack at an accurate angle and a towel with all the lines, folds and creases as it appeared to his naked eye.
This was the first clue in memory of his budding artistic talent.
In 1967, when Leo was eight years old he migrated to Australia with his parents and five siblings.
Times were exceedingly tough on the family, with financial difficulties exacerbated by their developing English skills, freeing up time and money to develop
creativity fell further and further through the crevices, which were widened by the pressures of feeding a large family in a new country. Regardless, Leo continued to grow as an artist, both in general schooling in Brisbane, Queensland, and at home.
Leo later had the opportunity to go on to study at the Queensland College of Art where he developed great technical ability with many mediums, which helped him further develop his personal style, which at the time were heavily influenced by Cubism and Surrealism. His skills in producing works of these styles have blossomed, and he can now boast a considerably large body of work showing he is an accomplished Modern Surreal Artist.
Since graduating from Art College in 1980, Leo has created many stunning works for a variety of professional organisations, including the Royal Qld Theatre Company, Queensland Performing Arts Company, Opera Queensland, Queensland Youth Ballet, Scenery Makers Australia, Suncorp Theatre, Twelfth Night Theatre, and many more production companies interstate and overseas. The majority of this work has been as his employ of Scenic Artist, which has required that his skills develop in a way that allows him to work on a massive scale. Many of the backdrops, sets and other artistic adorns
used in the shows for the above organisations are produced from end to end by Leo; from build to production release.
Leo has had art features displayed in Brisbane at the Piazza Floor for Expo 88, the opening of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Queensland Tourism Awards, and the Mother Africa production at the Jupiter Casino, amongst others. He has also worked as senior or principal scenic artist on stage productions such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hollywood Legends, Money and Friends (world premiere) and True Lies (world premiere).
Through his years in Australia as a resident artist, Leo’s work has been displayed in various Art galleries around the state of Queensland. In recent years, thanks to advances in communications technology, his work has found a market in Germany, Switzerland and Scotland, where international lovers of his work can now get a piece for their own private collections.
Recent Exhibition’s called ‘Faces Of Time” included portraits of people who have moved him personally in the music world, culture and the tragedies of war. For example, abstract portraits of Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, Indigenous Australian, Frank Sinartra, etc.
Most recently, Leo Illustrated a children’s book called ‘Mavis the Amazing Tug Boat’, which is a true story of the tug boat named Mavis and his Captain Doug that steered a dangerously out of control piece of the Brisbane river walk way that broke away in the 2011 Brisbane floods. All book sales have contributed to the charity (Mater little miracles) and all 13 paintings included in the publication have been auctioned successfully at the Mater Ball in February, with all proceeds going the Mater Little Miracles Foundation.
Dianne Lonergan the Author and her 3 Co Authors have done countless presentations of the book at State and Private Schools all throughout south east Queensland, presentations at library’s and charity groups.
The Love Ya Brisbane Art Exhibition for the G20 Summit in November 2014 developed with 15 pieces of Art of wonderful Icons of Brisbane past and present and were hung in the most Beautiful Mercure Hotel.
We take pleasure in having this Fine Art Gallery in Cleveland to show the talent we have right here in the Redlands. We thank the Redlands Council for the opportunity and support to help Renew Cleveland with amazing fine Art by Leo Herreygers and the support of Stocklands shopping centre.

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Art Degree at the Brisbane College of Art in Seven Hills 1978.
Queensland University of Technology Staff member as a Lecturer for Theatre Scenic Art


Faces of Time - Grand View Hotel Queensland 2010
Surreal History - Grand View Hotel Queensland 2011
Music Legend Portraits - Grand View Hotel Cleveland 2012
Love Ya Brisbane - Icons of Brisbane past and present - Mercure Hotel Brisbane City


Brisbane Courier Mail - Art Exhibition for the G20 Summit 2014. Brisbane painted in all its glory by Artist Leo Herreygers.
Redlands Bayside Bulletin - 2015 Artist to Lead CBD revitalisation program, sponsored by Redlands City council, Stockland SC & Ray White Real Estate.
Redlands Bayside Bulletin - 2015 Artist moves into vacant shop to "renew" Cleveland


My Father - Jozef Herreygers - Artist in Belgium
My Mother Dianne Herreygers - Dress Designer in Belgium
The Beatles
Artist Horonimous Bosch
Belgium surreal Artist - Margritte
Peter Thomas - Composer of Chariots of the Gods 1969
Surreal Artist - Salvador Dali
Artist - Pablo Picasso

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Acrylic Paint
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Acrylic Paint
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