I am an eclectic and experimental artist and have been since old enough to hold a crayon (& there's no way that will change!). A green thumb, nature lover and animal obsessed artist. I work in my studio or in the garden (surrounded by beautiful mature trees) depending on my mood and the current artworks' medium.

My inspiration comes from the natural world in general. Animals, plants, landscape, weather then moving into humour, portrait and statement art. I am intrigued by Ned Kelly and his life as much I am about Don Quixote in the book by Cervantes. Occasional forays into satire with many Bald Archy entries are another of my pet areas (I do love to roast a politician or paint Dr Chris Brown!).

This varied subject matter (and my many disciplines) is what drives my creativity. I sometimes think it would be much easier to "have a very obvious style" - I know I certainly have a 'style' (as many collectors of my work recognise it before they see the label) but perhaps you have to look a little harder as my works are so broad. I am more interested in getting into my artworks, exploring, inventing and enjoying them, than repeating a particular genre/style until I poke my eyes out! My disciplines include painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpting in bone, wood, metal and recycled items (oh there is more, but we'll just leave them alone for now!).

I have been a finalist in many art competitions such as The Hills Grammar Acquisitive Art Prize, Blacktown Art Prize, Hunters Hill Art Prize, The Bald Archy, Westmead Art Prize to name a few, and have won multiple awards in different disciplines. My artworks are found in private and public institutions here in Australia and overseas.
Honoured to be one of 3 artists involved in bringing "Drawing on Memory" to life for Holocaust Survivor Harry Fransman (featured on Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise).
My studies have include a Diploma of Fine Art from The Sydney Gallery School, study at Julian Ashton School of Art, Waikato Polytech and many casual art workshops. Predominantly a self taught artist currently working from my studio and enjoying larger sculpting at The Sydney Gallery School Open Studio sculpture sessions with Sam Valenz.


Diploma of Fine Art from The Sydney Gallery School.
Studied at Julian Ashton School of Art.
Waikato Polytech and many casual art workshops.
Open Studio at The Sydney Gallery School - Current.


2017 Vital Push Small Sculpture Exhibition

2017 Many Viewpoints Nepean Hospital

2016 Many Viewpoints Blacktown Hospital

2015 Royal Easter Show

2015 Hunter's Hill Art Prize

2015 Harbour Sculpture

2015 Westmead Hospital Temporary Exhibition

2015 Vital Push

2014 "Drawing on Memory" NSW Parliament House

2014 Sculpture in the Vineyards Wollombi

2014 Sculpture in the Gardens Mudgee

2014 "Reimagining the Familiar" Joint Exhibition Balmain

2014 Eden Garden Gallery Solo Exhibition

2014 Westmead Temporary Exhibition Space Aug/Sept

2014 Westmead Art Prize

2014 Sculpture on the Greens

2014 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2014 Drawing on Memory (drawings for Holocaust survivor Harry Fransman) Sydney Jewish Museum

2014 Royal Easter Show

2014 Not your average Exhibition! This is a POLITICALLY CORRECT FREE zone.

2014 Sculptures on the Green

2014 Bald Archy Currently Toured Australia for most of 2014

2013 Packsaddle Fundraising Exhibition

2013 Eden Gardens Solo Exhibition

2013 The King?s School Art Show

2013 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2013 Are We Half Way There Yet? ESP Gallery

2013 Bald Archy (currently touring)

2012/2013 Westmead Temporary Art Exhibition

2012 Hornsby Art Prize

2012 Blacktown Art Prize

2012 The Kings School Art Show

2012 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2012 Marrickville to Merriwa via Meadowbank Wallarobba House

2012 Bald Archy (currently touring)

2012 ?One Up? Sydney Gallery School

2011 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2011 The Kings School Art Show

2011 Royal Easter Show

2011 Bald Archy (toured Australia for most of 2011)

2010 Drummoyne Art Prize

2010 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2010 Bald Archy (toured Australia for most of 2010)

2010 The King?s School Art Show

2010 Royal Easter Show

2009 Blacktown Art Prize

2009 King?s School Art Show

2009 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2009 The Royal Easter Show

2009 Bald Archy (toured Australia for most of 2009)

2008 Hunters Hill Art Prize

2008 The Tap Gallery

2008 The Royal Easter Show

2008 The King?s School Art Show

2008 Hills Grammar $8000 Acquisitive Art Prize Finalist

2007 The King?s School Art Show

2007 The Royal Easter Show

2006 The King?s School Art Show


2014 2nd Miniature Sculpture

2014 HC Printmaking Royal Easter Show

2012 Hornsby Art Prize Sculpture Commended

2012 Returned to Glory Cleanaway Award ? Best use of non recyclable materials.

2010 Murray Farm Art Exhibition ? Best Female Artist Section HC

2009 Celebrity's Choice Art Prize Orange Blossom Festival

Publications: Medical Journal Australia April 2013

Also exhibited/exhibits in many other shows such as the Oatley West Art & Craft, Oakhill Art Show, Currabubula 47th Red Cross Art Exhibition and other local art shows and galleries (Pop Goes the Easel etc).

The Hornsby Shire Council "Strange Fruit" 2013 Westmead Hospital, Concord Hospital

2014 Art on Loftus - Guest judge.



Too many to list, but if I had to pick one it would be Sidney Nolan. I am very drawn to artist's who followed their own path and weren't afraid to experiment.

121.5cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.
121.5cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Oil paint on stretched canvas.
91cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Underpainted with an Indian Red based acrylic paint to give the work more atmosphere, then the artwork was painted with oil paints.
61cm (W) x 91cm (H)
oil paints on stretched canvas
37.8cm (W) x 34cm (H)
Hand pulled print. Etching, aquatint and a la poupeƩ.
27.4cm (W) x 22.1cm (H)
Hand pulled drypoint etching using oil based inks on an acetate plate with hand colouring in watercolour paints.
120cm (W) x 39.8cm (H)
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, with marbling medium.
120cm (W) x 39.8cm (H)
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.
35cm (W) x 32.5cm (H)
Hand pulled drypoint etching using oil based inks on an acetate plate.
31cm (W) x 26cm (H)
Oil based paint on a stretched canvas.