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Mixed Media on metal

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A sequence of punctured holes in either depressions or impressions are everything and nothing at the same time. They can be distinguished and linked by the ways in which light reaches their outer edges with varying intensities, bringing life and direction to the vacuum (soul) within.

Inspired by the role that microtubules play for signal transportation in the human brain that creates consciousness. Thus if, "consciousness" is produced when a quantum dispersion of conceivable outcomes collapses into a single actuality–the collapse–this is like the instant the curled-up copper sheet finally unfurls and becomes visible, or when I go from three dimensions to two dimensions (proto-awareness to consciousness) in my art. Even though every event took place in three dimensions, reality exists on the two flat dimensional picture plane.

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Oil paint and micro-cystalline wax on an oxidised copper sheet (.55mm thick). Mounted to a 3mm aluminium composite panel with 10mm spacing.

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A sheet of patinated copper covered in oil paint and wax. The patina shapes the form of a tree trunk, with impressions or depressions created throughout its length by both large and small drill holes. The connected small holes describe the Scribbly Gum moth larvae feeding trails.Two copper sheets. One with holes and a patina and the other with recriprocating holes and patina curled up to one side.A copper sheet sculptured with holes and a patina. Mounted to a black aluminium panel with 10mm spacing inbetween.Patinated copper sheet with reciprocating drill holes. Mounted to a MDF panel with 5mm spacers.
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