To me painting is a deeply soulful experience to be shared.
My fascination with colours and drawing began at young age, but it wasn't until 2000 that my art affairs started as a self taught artist while working as a teacher in the southern Sahara of Morocco.
While my homeland had major effects on my early works, so too have my living in Australia and many other countries in the past decade.
Permanently traveling between east and west my work reflect a collective memories of a tripartite artistic inspiration; multicultural, historical and spiritual.
Whether it is art brut or abstraction, I love to create work that reference the past and the present, a wild ride of exploration and experimentation beyond all boundaries. And most of all I love to depict the universal spirit that lives at the core of our temporal existence.
Through a combination of lustrous palette, naked colours and pure forms my work is filled with intense emotions revealing the hidden beauty and aesthetics of daily experience and forgotten memories.

Thank you for following my journey!

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