Maux Zachintosh is the owner and artist at GypsyDreams Art Studio. Originally from Port Augusta, South Australia, he now resides in Adelaide, South Australia. Zachintosh is a self-taught freelancer who is also currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at Flinders University. He is also involved in a side project penciling, inking, and colouring comics made by an independent studio called Blood Money Comics which is also owned by Zachintosh.

Zachintosh has inspiration from many different media like the following: literature, cinematic, graphic novels, music, spoken word. Most of all he finds inspiration from his own experiences in his life, and sparks of thought. One of the many goals Zachintosh wishes someday to achieve creating artwork to capture the audiences emotions through his art, whether it be a comic or a displayed artwork.

Zachintosh has achieved in community art with Headspace Port Augusta helping others express themselves through recycled artworks such as: totem poles using Red Gum sleepers, recycled metals and other materials. Another project was painting plywood black, then placing coloured bottle caps in different positions to create different patterns. has also won first place in the 19-25 years old category and People’s Choice in an art competition on National Youth Week in Port Augusta 2015, ‘It Starts With Us’. With not very much accomplished yet, he is a very kind and giving person especially to his close friends. At times, instead of buying a gift he shows his appreciation by painting his own interpretation of their most beloved fictional character or something they love.

The things Zachintosh is good at would be pyrography (wood burning), sketching, painting, spray painting, and digital artwork, but those are just mediums while his work is mostly surrealism, fantasy, pop art, even pop culture art. He really likes it when clients give him very well detailed feedback whether it be positive or negative. The majority of his work is requested by clients that are after something in particular. Zachintosh uses materials like different species of timber for pyrography with a nice clear finish, so the colours look natural. For painting he uses wood panels, and rarely uses canvas because he prefers to lean on the panel while working. He uses medium and fluid acrylic paint usually from Trekell USA, all other materials are Australian.

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Flinders University, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) 2017 - 2018


Although Maux Zachintosh may not show much of the styles from these influences but there are some from many of Zachintosh's favourites:

René Magritte
Salvador Dali
Max Ernst
Pablo Picasso
John Ruskin
John Everett Millais
Euphemia Chalmers "Effie Gray" Millais
Sophy Gray
Vincent van Gogh
Man Ray
Leonardo da Vinci

Scot Snyder
Grant Morrison
Geoff Johns
Jeph Loeb
Kyle Higgins
Kevin Smith
Stan Lee
Jim Lee
Dan Didio
Denny O'neil
Neal Adams
Bill Finger
Frank Miller
Greg Capullo
Patrick Gleason
Jason Fabok
Alan Moore
Alex Ross
Jack Kirby

45cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
30cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
45.7cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
45cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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