Michelle Avery is an Adelaide based visual artist working predominantly with mixed media on canvas. Her works vary considerably‚ from surrealist influences and figurative works to the more raw and organic abstracts.
Her latest collection 'fluid’ explores soft lines and the beauty of colour tonality as it emerges naturally when mixing mediums at their most diluted - using inks‚ acrylics and water. Some of these paintings are purely abstract‚ with a core theme exploring the macro views of the world around us‚ reflecting aerial images from space‚ including global views of earth‚ the moon and solar flares. Others provide some structure to the very raw and organic base abstracts‚ exploring the notion of controlled chaos.
Michelle draws her rich colour palette from the natural world. Nature is a major influence and inspiration in her art practice and she strives to create artworks that connect the viewer with her interpretation of its beauty.

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Masters - marketing by research‚ University of SA
Bachelor of management (marketing)‚ University of SA


2016 - Mt Surmon Wines, Clare Valley solo exhibition
2014 - Gawler Art Show‚ SA
2014 - A Grand Passion SALA group exhibition at Glenelg Art Gallery‚ Adelaide
2014 - Dessin de papier‚ SALA group exhibition‚ Juxtapose Studios‚ Adelaide
2014 - FOOD‚ with Geoffrey Stapleton Gallery at the Wassail Wine Bar‚ Adelaide
2014 - Knox Art Show‚ Victoria
2014 - Suzie Wongs room‚ group exhibition‚ Juxtapose Studios‚ Adelaide
2013 - White ribbon charity event and auction‚ group exhibition‚ Juxtapose Studios‚ Adelaide
2011 - D'vine‚ group exhibition‚ Juxtapose Studios‚ Adelaide
2010 - a fashionistas fantasy‚ group exhibition‚ Artistic License

91cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
61cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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