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Mirjana Psakis

Bowral NSW, Australia

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Oil on Formaldehyde and Acid Free Board


‘Hobart, Tasmania’
Oil on Formaldehyde and Acid Free Board
Image Size: 25.4cm x 20.3cm
Artwork is sealed and will need to be framed

Everything that I paint is as a result of a memory or to preserve a memory! And this particular seascape/waterscape is no different. Tasmania is truly an experience that I cannot describe, one has to immerse themselves in all things camping, driving, eating, seeing, walking etc. This scene was from the numerous times that we made our way to the Harbour in search of the fish shaped vendor-hut, who on recommendation from a local, had the best and freshest Tasmanian fish and chips.
The energy of Battery Point, Hobart Harbour, I felt was akin to, “opportunity”, which was never too far away. Thus the boat and water is my representation of all those energies that sail in and out, bringing with them new, different, unique experiences which can be found around Tasmania.

Buying Art
In order to make the process of purchasing art efficient here are some things to consider before purchasing art:
-The decor of your home
-Style of your vision and where you would like to hang the artwork
- Will the size of the artwork fit in my designated space?
- Will the artwork harmonize with other artworks I have in my home?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me direct, Happy to answer and help with all your art related questions.
Happy Art hunting :-)

Please note, all photographs are taken with a DSLR camera with a 97%colour accuracy. Pending on your computer screen and screen/monitor colour adjustments, the artwork might appear in a different colour tone.


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