I am a self-taught artist from Perth. I am fascinated by pattern‚ understanding that it is basic human nature to look for pattern when trying to make sense of one's surroundings. I usually work in acrylics and draw patterns in india ink though explore other media for variety. I was the overall winner of the City of Melville Art Award 2013.


Bachelor of Education


Solo exhibition (2015, 2016, 2017) Technology Park Function Centre Bentley WA
Work selected to exhibit in A Dot On the Run Exhibition 2016 Courthouse Gallery Port Hedland WA


13th May 2016 Teensoul Magazine


The universe and other worlds beyond earth. Personal stories and general life experiences including current affairs. I am fascinated by language‚ from common sayings through to poetry. My artistic influences are vast and varied including abstract and impressionist artists. The originality of Fairweather, the vibrant use of colour by Done and the sheer audacity of technique by Pollock in particular. So many ideas and not enough time!

42cm (W) x 59cm (H)
Acrylic on acid free paper with foil highlights.
66cm (W) x 47cm (H)
Acrylic on acid free paper
60cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Acrylic on acid free paper
76cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas gloss varnish. Quality paints on quality canvas with quality finishes.
76cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic and paper on stretched cotton canvas. Gloss finish.
42cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic on paper.
76cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic with tetra pack dots on stretched cotton canvas.
51cm (W) x 77cm (H)
Acrylic inks with plastic dots on cotton stretched canvas. Gloss finish.
91.5cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic on Masonite.
51cm (W) x 77cm (H)
Acrylic paint on stretched cotton canvas