Since 2000 Neil Howe has regularly exhibited digital prints and video art in art galleries, museums and film festivals around the world. He is represented by several art galleries and has work in public collections in Australia, UK and Turkey. His more recent work “When I Grow Up” 2010 has won a Metropolis Award at the Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-visual Art (MADATAC) in Spain, and several awards in the Blue Banana Festival in Landau, Germany.

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RMIT 1972, Prahran CAE 1980, Charles Darwin University 2002


1978 Mildura Sculpture Triennial, student section.
1978 Co-formed the performance art group The Collective.
1979 Performance event, "More Mediocre Melodies", Preston Performance Festival, Pitspace Gallery, Bundoora.
1979-80 Performance events by The Collective at Melba Hall, Melbourne University, Latrobe
University, RMIT Arts Festival, RMIT Gallery, Deakin University, Geelong, Swinburne Institute Technology, Caulfield Institute of Technology, Caf'e Theodore, Sydney, plus five commissioned outdoor performances for the Moomba Festival, Melbourne presented in collaboration with 'Community Celebrations'.
1979 Tina Wentcher Sculpture Exhibition, AMP Centre, Melbourne.
1980 "Prahran Sculptors", Adrian Brandt Gallery, Melbourne.
1981 First Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
1981 Performance event "Ego is an Arty Word", Niagra Gallery, Melbourne.
1981 Performance event, "Diallage of a Documenting Doctrinaire", RMIT Performance Festival,
RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
1981 "Untitled", sculpture exhibition, McCormack Gallery, Melbourne.
1982 Video exhibition, Rosslyn Oxely 9 Gallery, Sydney.
1983 Performance event, "Ern Malley is on the Dole – Hooroo You Beaut Country", Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival.
1985 "Sculpture 85", group sculpture exhibition, Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
1985 Video exhibition, Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival.
1985 Solo painting exhibition, Mills Street Gallery, Melbourne.
1985 Mornington Peninsula Sculpture Prize, Mornington Art Gallery.
1986 Sculpture exhibition, St Kilda Arts Festival, Linden Art Gallery, Melbourne.
1986 Created sound environment and videography for "Kinetic Sunrise", performance by Kevin Mortensen, Alexander Theatre, Monash University.
1986 Video exhibition, Adelaide Fringe Arts Festival, Adelaide.
1987 Created sound environment for a multimedia theatre event by Peter Summerfeld and Kevin
Mortensen, "Why People Go to Traffic Accidents", Theatreworks, St Kilda.
1988 First Australian Video Festival, Sydney.
1988 Created live video synthesized wall for Stelarc's "Event for Video Shadow, Automatic Arm
and Third Hand", Glen Eira City Arts Complex, Melbourne.
1989 Second Australian Video Festival, Sydney.
1991 Travelled extensively around Europe and the USA
1994 Sound environment and videography for “Ibis and the Song’ performance by Kevin
Mortensen, Geelong wetlands.
1998 Sound environment and videography for"Display of the Bird King", performance by Kevin
Mortensen, Lake Burley Griffon, Canberra and video exhibition at Canberra School of Art
2000 "Bodyscapes ", solo exhibition of digital images, the Photographers Gallery, Sth Yarra.
2000 Sound environment and videography of "Limnophilous Longirostral", performance by Kevin Mortensen, Noosa, Qld. Exhibition of digital images and sound installation, Noosa Regional Art Gallery, Tewantan, Qld.
2002 "Pixxelpoint", international group exhibition of digital art, Metna Gallery, Nova Gorica,
2002 International group exhibition of digital art, Foundation Fita, Catalonia, Spain
2003 "Bodyscapes II", solo exhibition of digital images, the Photographers Gallery, Sth Yarra.
2003 "Bid for Freedom", group exhibition, Glen Eira City Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2004 "Postcards", group exhibition, Linden Gallery, Melbourne.
2004 "Bid for Freedom 2", group exhibition, Glen Eira City Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2004 "Memorial for the Victims of Terror", group web exhibition, New York, USA.
2004 "Diesel-New-Art", group web exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2004 Group exhibition, Kinross House Art Centre, Melbourne.
2005 “Bid for Freedom 3”, group exhibition, Glen Eira City Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2005 “Diesel New Art”, group web exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005 “D-Art”, group exhibition 9th International Conference of Information Visualization,
Greenwich University, London, UK.
2005 “Bodyscapes III”, solo exhibition, Uniting Arts Toorak.
2005 ‘CyberArts’ Prix Ars Electronica, group exhibition, Linz, Austria
2005 ‘Artists Against Sedition Laws Exhibition’, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Liverpool
Regional Museum.
2006 ‘Bid For Freedom 4’, group exhibition, Glen Eira City Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2006 ‘CyberArts’, Prix Ars Electronica, group exhibition, Linz, Austria
2006 ‘Heartspace’, group exhibition, Adelaide Festival Gallery, Adelaide.
2006 ‘Bodyscapes 2000-2006’, solo survey exhibition, Brunswick St. Gallery, Melbourne.
2006 ‘Thirteen – Portrait of a Teenager’, solo exhibition & book launch, Uniting Arts Toorak,
2006 ‘Changing Nature’, Greenpeace group exhibition, The Gallery in Darling Park, Sydney,
2006 ‘Genesis’, Rooftop Film Festival, New York, USA
2007 ‘Techno-art’, group exhibition, Lapart, Wallspace Gallery, Brisbane.
2007 ‘Piemonte Share Festival, group IT exhibition, Torino, Italy
2007 ‘Global Warming Show’, group exhibition, Asylum Gallery, Sacramento, USA
2007 ‘International Postcard Show,’ group exhibition, Circa Magazine, Dublin Ireland
2007 ‘Snap to the Grid’, group exhibition, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, USA
2007 ‘Digital Fringe, group web exhibition, Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival.
2007 Video Art Festival, group exhibition with Kevin Mortensen, City of Dandenong, Melbourne.
2008 Magmart International Videoart Festival, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy
2008 “Who Let the Dogs Out”, group exhibition with Kevin Mortensen, Lake Maquarie City Art
Gallery, NSW
2008 ‘Bid 4 Freedom;, group exhibition, Glen Eira City Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 ‘Weep Leviathan’, group exhibition, Collingwood Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 ‘Project’, Digital Media Street Festival, Gertrude Association, Melbourne.
2008 ‘Arte Bogota 08’, group exhibition, Bogota, Columbia
2008 ‘Digital Media Street Festival’, group exhibition, The Gertrude Association, Melbourne
2008 Stock show, group exhibition, United Arts Toorak, Melbourne.
2008 ‘ruMAD’, group exhibition, Kingston Arts Centre Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 ‘FocFest’, international film festival, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art,
NPAK/ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia.
2008 ‘FocFest’ Freedom of Choice international film festival, Fabrica do Braco de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal and simultaneously at Ciplak Ayaklar Studio Istanbul, Turkey.
2009 “Human Emotion Project”, international group exhibition, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne.
2009 ‘Focfest Survey’, selected work from the Freedom of Choice (FocFest) International Video Art Festival broadcast repeatedly on Transfera TV, Madrid, Spain.
2009 ‘Ern Malley. The Hoax and Beyond’, group exhibition, Heide Museum of Modern Art, NGV, Melbourne.
2009 “Human Emotion Project”, international group exhibition, Garden of the Ceramic Museum (State Museum), Caldas-da-Rainha, Lisbon, Portugal.
2009 ‘Art for Peace International Art Action’, group exhibition, Dolmabahce Art Gallery (State Gallery) and Fotografevi (Istanbul Photography Centre), Istanbul, Turkey.
2010 ‘HEP Poland’, international group exhibition, Parakino, CSW bath, Gdansk, Poland.
2010 ‘AusThetic’, group video art exhibition, Federation Square, Melbourne.
2010 ‘ArtFelt’, group exhibition, Northern Rivers Community Art Gallery, NSW.
2010 ‘HEP Paris’, international group exhibition, Gallerie Younique, Paris, France.
2010 “Program 45” international video art broadcast on Transfera TV, Madrid, Spain
2010 ‘Human Emotion Project Iran, international group exhibition, Mohsen Art Gallery and Sazmanab Project, Tehran, Iran.
2010 “Shapes of Peace”, international group exhibition, W-AFPIAAP, Peace Week, Sanski, Sarajevo, Boznia Herzegovina
2010 Nimbin Film Festival, Australia
2010 Istanbul Art Fair, Tuyap Exhibition and Congress Centre, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Madatac VIDEO ARtMY, international videoart festival, Sala Berlanga, Madrid, Spain
2010 MADATAC Metropolis Awards, broadcast on TV2 National Spanish TV and Spanish International Channel.
2011 Time is Love 4, international touring exhibition curated by Kisito Assangni,
Centro Contemporanea d’Arte Ticino, Bellinzona, Switzerland.
2011 Time is Love 4, international touring exhibition, Hexagon Space, Baltimore, USA
2011 Time is Love 4, international curated exhibition, Sint-Lukas University Gallery, Brussels,
2011 D-ART, international group exhibition, 15th International Conference Information
Visualization & Computer Graphics, Brunei Gallery, London University, UK.
2011 Group exhibition, The Channon Art Gallery, NSW
2011 ‘Mirror Mirror’, international curated exhibition, Bittes Gallery, Ribe, Denmark.
2011 Time is Love 4’, curated international exhibition, Espace apArt, Guanghzou, China
2011 ‘Hello’, group exhibition, Art For Peace Interaction Space, Istanbul, Turkey.
2011 Blue Banana Video Festival, international group exhibition, Landau, Bavaria, Germany.
2011 ‘Chain Letter’, international curated exhibition, Samson Gallery, Boston, USA. Part of a world wide simultaneous exhibition of admired artists in Los Angeles, Zurich, Berlin, Boston, London, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Johannesburg, and Seoul.
2011 W-AFPIAAP, Balkans international touring exhibition, Istanbul, Sofia, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Belgrade, Bucharest.
2011 ‘Art for Peace – Balkans’, W-AFPIAA group exhibition, Herastau Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
2011 ‘Time is Love 4’, curated international exhibition, Bildetage Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2012 Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia
2012 HEP Mexico, curated international video art exhibition, 2* Bataclan InterNacional, Cine Cuidadela, Mexico City, Mexico.
2012 Best of Blue Banana Video Festival, Kastenhof Museum, Landau, Bavaria.
2013 “Time is Love 6”, international curated exhibition, Mori + Stein Gallery, London, UK.
2013 “Time is Love 6”, international curated exhibition, Sazmanab Project, Tehran, Iran.
2013 Tea in a Thunder Cup, Peanut Underground Art Gallery, New York, USA during the Armory Show.
2013 “Tea in a Thunder Cup”, Cinema X, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Instuto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico.
2013 “Time is Love 6”, international group exhibition, Peanut Underground Art Project, New York.
2013 “Art for Peace International Art Action”, touring group exhibition, New Delhi and Alwar City Exhibition Hall, India
2013 NordArt 2013, international group exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Budelsdorf, Germany
2013 Fonlad, international group exhibition, HEP, 9th edition Festival de Artes Digitais,
Espaço de Artes Multimédia e Performance, Coimbra, Portugal.
2013 Time is Love 6, group exhibition, Contemporary Hotel Bloom!, Brussels, Belgium.
2013 Time is Love 6, International Nomadic Performance Festival, Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway.
2013 Facade Video Festival, Art of Today Association, Centre for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2013 A Book About Death – Australia, group exhibition, Tweed River Art Gallery, Australia.
2013 Blue Banana Video Festival, international group exhibition, KultKino, Landau, Bavaria
2013 Time is Love 6, international exhibition, Kulter Gallery, Amsterdam.
2013 A Photo from Oz, group exhibition, Bucharest, Romania
2014 Azores Fringe Festival, Mirateca Arts, Pico, Azores Islands.
2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia.
2014 Allure, Raw Artists, Byron Bay, Australia.
2014 Mildura Sculpture Triennial Retrospective, Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura.
2014 ‘We, The Muse’, group exhibition, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney.
2015 ‘D-Art’, group exhibition, 12th International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, University of Barcelona, Spain.
2015 Pulpolandia, international mail art exhibition, Zona Postal, Argentina
2016 ArtPlay, international video art exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2016 Stitchting White Cube, touring international group exhibition, ArtZaanstad/BACKFIRE, The Netherlands; Landshut, Germany; Kulturhuset Brønden, Brøndby Strand, Denmark.
2016 Under the Radar, group exhibition, Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, NSW.


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