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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM, acrylic paint, various texture mediums, eco-friendly varnish, ready to hang



This painting is inspired by a personal journey of rebuilding my life after suddenly and unexpectedly loosing everything. This artwork is a message of hope, new beginnings, surrender to the process of restoration, and courage to embrace the new.

This painting is an abstract expression of an ocean tide (that wipes the slate clean), and creates fresh revival of joy. Richly textured, painted with bright colours, this painting would juj up favourite room in your home. Because of its deep message of hope, this artwork would be a great gift to someone you want to encourage. Canvas is fitted and protected in the back, so it is ready to hang in your home.

"There is an ebb and flow to life. People and situations wash upon the shores of our lives. The mighty pressures of the water gently sculpt and shape us. The tides of change have great purpose in our lives. When it is time, the waters recede and sometimes carry things away; even things we love. The tides, while powerful, can move in our lives so gently, if we allow. If you resist the awesome tidal forces of life, you are going to hurt yourself. There are some things, people and experiences you cannot have or change. When the waters of life move upon you; do not struggle — give in and let go. Be still and let the waters flow around you. Let the ancient precession of tides cut a beautiful shoreline in your heart." Bryant McGill

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning." Louis L'Amour

Certificate of Authenticity provided with your purchase.

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