Nora was born near Jameson, her family holds the story for Illurpa. Nora lives at Blackstone with her family and enjoys the traditional life offered here. A custodian of the Illurrpa Story - One place where Kuniya stayed. Kuniya is a giant snake that traveled through the desert. Here at Ilurrpa, male and female snakes have 7 eggs. A matted black fibre found at Ilurrpa Bore is said to be the black hair left over after Kuniya had swallowed many people and then was sick, the black hair flowing down the hillside to Ilurrpa.

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2015 Tjirntu Tjarrpanguru Tjirntu pakalakuta 2015 Tarnanthi Textiles Adelaide SA2015 Artitja Fine Art2014 Wooloongabba Art Gallery Brisbane 2014 Desert Mob 20142014 Emerging Artists2013 Marks in the Sand @ Tandanya South Australia2013 Desert Mob Araluen Centre Alice Springs2010 Wooloongabba Art Gallery group show, Brisbane 2010 Birrung Gallery Sydney2010 Unknown2009 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs



91cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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